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Psychiatry course

Ochilov Ulugbek Usmanovich

Head of the course, Doctor of Philosophy of Medical Sciences (PhD) dotsent

Time of receipt:

Monday – Tuesday: 08:00-14:00


+998 (97) 910 24 64


Samarkand, st. Barkamol, house 18


  By Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. - 3606 03/16/2018 "On measures to radically improve the system of providing psychiatric care" at the Department of Psychiatry, Medical Psychology and Narcology in the structure of the Faculty of Postgraduate Education, a course of psychiatry was founded which was led by Ph.D. Velilyaeva A.S. Head of the Department of Psychiatry, Medical Psychology and Narcology with a course of psychiatry SamMI Ph.D. Velilyaeva A.S. (2018-2020).

  Educational and methodical work at the department is organized in accordance with the educational regulatory documents of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

  According to the normative legal documents, when studying psychiatry, cadets on the course get acquainted with applied clinical aspects, master research methods, with which they meet independently in practice.

  During the advanced training cycle on the course, cadets must pass an exam to acquire practical skills.

  Over the years, the course has developed 8 guidelines, 2 teaching aids and 1 monograph.


Caring for the younger generation, the desire to raise a healthy, comprehensively developed person is one of the features of the national character of the Uzbek people. Therefore, spiritual and educational work is the most important direction of the course of psychiatry of the faculty of postgraduate education. In the course, spiritual and educational work is carried out on the basis of a constantly approved plan.

  In the work of the course, professors and teachers carry out work between cadets:

  • introduce the works and speeches of the President Sh.M. Mirziyoyev, decrees and decisions of the Oliy Majlis and the Cabinet of Ministers, as well as lead spiritual and educational work in order to educate the mature generation, increase and improve the universal, national and spiritual worldview of young people:

  • form the philosophy of a healthy lifestyle among cadets;

  • increase political and legal culture of cadets;

  • inform cadets in a timely manner about socio-political and creative events taking place in the world and the country;

 • form a healthy moral environment among cadets.


  Educational and methodological work on the course is organized in accordance with the educational and methodological documents of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

  In accordance with legal documents, when studying psychiatry, students get acquainted with practical clinical aspects, independently get acquainted with research methods encountered in practice.

  During the course cycle, cadets must pass an exam to gain practical skills.

  The training of highly qualified specialists in the field of clinical residency has begun.

  Training of cadets is carried out according to the following approved documents:

  – qualification characteristics;

  - State standard;

  - Academic plan;

  - Educational work program.

- Educational technologies include:

  - Changes based on Order No. 80 CER of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

  - approved diagnostic standards;

  - international recommendations;

  - modern educational technologies (graphic organizers, case technology and project method).

 During training, the following technical means are available:

  A telecommunications system has been established, video films, presentations, multimedia programs, lectures and practical exercises are shown using TVs connected to a central computer. It is designed for unified curriculum-based learning.

  Course Library:

  • The library has more than 20 titles of educational literature in English, Uzbek and Russian.

  • The electronic library includes textbooks, atlases, teaching aids, teaching aids, etc.

  For cadets, the reception of patients on the topic is organized in each department of the hospital.


  In recent years, the staff of the course have published 28 scientific papers, 12 of which are articles, mostly in HAC-reviewed journals.

In 2018, the course staff defended one Ph.D. thesis: Ochilov Ulugbek Usmanovich "Formation and dynamics of mental disorders in HIV-infected patients who use psychoactive substances."

  At the moment, under the guidance of Professor Magzumova Sh.Sh. on the course of Ochilov U.U. a doctoral thesis is being carried out on the topic: "Anxiety and depressive disorders in adolescents: formation, clinic, issues of therapy and rehabilitation (transcultural significance)".

  Since 2018, course staff have made presentations at 8 different seminars, forums and conferences in Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. About 40 abstracts were published.

  At our institute, with the participation of the course, one scientific and practical conference "Actual problems of psychiatry and medical psychology with suicidology: modern practice and directions of development" was held.


  In 2019, according to the program of the competition of the educational Foundation "EL-YURT UMIDI" under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan for the training of teachers abroad from November 29, 2019. to December 26, 2019, in the amount of 144 academic hours, Ochilov Ulugbek Usmanovich completed a refresher course “Actual issues of narcology” at the Ryazan State Medical University named after academician I.P. Pavlov of the Russian Federation at the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy of the Faculty of Additional Professional Education under the guidance of Professor MD. Petrov D.S.

Ryazan State Medical University named after Academician I.P. Pavlova

Head of the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy of the FDPO Professor MD Petrov Dmitry Sergeevich