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The main accountant of the samarkand state medical institute

Toshmurodov Shodiyor Аxmatovich

Reception time: from 09.00 to 17:00
Tel: (0366)233-50-00
Fax: (0366)233-71-75
Address: Samarkand, Amur Temur, 18


“Accounting” division of Samarkand State Medical Institute conducts its activities on the basis of the legislation the Republic of Uzbekistan, decrees and orders of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers, decrees of the Ministry of Higher and secondary special institutions, regulations of the Institute’s council and rector's orders, of the Charter of the Institute’s charter and “Accounting” division.

The objectives of division to carry out effectively its activities, to create the necessary financial conditions to achieve a high rating, to ensure rational and efficient use of budgetary and extra-budgetary funds, with the aim of strengthening the Institute’s material-technical base, in financing costs not to features of the approved plan (budget) and limit, to develop proposals for improving the current and future state of the Institute.


Staff unit in the “Accounting” division, distributed as follows:

  1. Chief accountant - reporting directly to the rector of the Institute and vice-rector for financial and economic affairs, he is in charge of preparation and reporting, subject to the chief accountant of the Ministry of higher and secondary special education of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as he is responsible for the accounting organization for the timely delivery of financial reports for the implementation of the tasks set out in the legal documents.
  2. Deputy chief accountant - maintains records on the implementation of maintenance and payback with legal entities and individuals.
  3. The billing department pays the salaries of employees on the basis of the table, opens them using Bank plastic cards provides translation accumulated personal pension contribution.
  4. Department scholarships on the basis of the order organizes the accrual and payment of scholarships to students.
  5. Department of material values - keeps records of receipts and expenditures of the warehouse of the Institute, is involved in the copying of material and commodity values.
  6. “Treasury” division carries out the distribution of salary and equivalent payments of cash.


The main tasks of the chief accountant:

- accounting exercises based on legal documents, organizes business account, using modern information technologies;

- monitors timely and the correct registration of accounting documents and on legitimate transactions;

- systematically carries out control over the expenditure of budgetary and extra budgetary funds provided under the estimate;

- organizes timely payroll and related payments to employees and scholarships to students;

- provides timely accounting of the estimated processes between legal and physical persons;

- participates in the inventory of money resources, material assets and other assets inventory results in a timely manner make and has now in the accounting report;

- organizes outreach financially responsible parties of their obligations;

- oversees the accounting for the material values and their correct use;

- prepares and submits financial reports as scheduled;

- ensure the core and other material assets;

- keeps accounting records and accounts of the register;

- provides written information to the rector in the case illegal acts by senior officials;

- senior accountant distributes to each employee of his duties;

- ensures compliance with legal orders;

Main responsibilities of deputy chief accountant M.A.Norov:

- subordinate to the chief accountant on the basis of staff;

- maintains records of work performed on service and profitability of legal and physical persons;

- gives power of attorney to merchandise and carries out control of it;

- keeps a record of over performance invoices and is comparative power of attorney;

- maintains records composed of commercial contracts;

- keeps records of funds allocated from the state budget for implementation of research projects and pension funds;

- compile monthly and quarterly report for commodity - material assets;

- every month on each account logs records to the General Ledger;

-prepares consolidated reports for quarterly and annual reports of the Institute;

- execution of orders and data chief accountant;

The main responsibilities of the accountant 1st - category Z.F. Isrofilova

- contribute to the program orders issued on the composition of teaching staff.

- provide staff payroll based on the timesheets.

- taking applications for plastic cards and deliver them to the Bank.

- at the end of the year to provide with the information about salary to the tax office about employees who work part-time.

- on the basis of statements of employees carry out deduction from the salary.