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The department of youth affairs, spirituality and enlightenment

  Today, raising the morale of young people and instilling in them a sense of patriotism and involvement in the events around them are becoming increasingly important..

Sh.M. Mirziyoyev

Muratov Odil Ismatullaevich

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Address: Samarkand, st. Amir Temur, 18

  Today, the people of Uzbekistan are building a new democratic society, and spirituality is one of the important aspects in its development. In solving the socio-political and cultural-educational tasks facing our country, special attention is paid to the problems of education, spirituality and development.

  It should be noted that during the years of independence, the spiritual and historical values of the Uzbek people, the heritage of great ancestors have become a real world heritage. Restoration of the original history of the Uzbek state, restoration of national traditions, national culture, development of national languages - all this is the new spiritual life of the peoples of our independent Motherland. The issue of spiritual rebirth has become one of the most important priorities of our state policy. For the first time in the history of the Uzbek people, theoretical ideas and ideologies were developed.

  During the years of independent development of Uzbekistan, people's thinking and worldview have changed. A new generation is emerging that sees its vision in strengthening democratic values, liberalizing economic and political life, and renewing society.

  The leadership of the Samarkand State Medical Institute, as well as professors and coaches are working to restore national consciousness in the formation and development of bright thinking of national ideology among students.

  The main task today is to ensure that our young generation is enriched with knowledge, to raise their morale, self-confidence, the ability to change their lives for the better.

  On September 9, 1996, the Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. PF 1559 "On further increasing the efficiency of the Public Center for Spirituality and Enlightenment" was adopted. In order to ensure the implementation of the Decree, as well as the Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated April 20, 2017 No 2209 "On measures to further develop the system of higher education" and the Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan By the order of the Ministry of Education No. 221 of September 16, 1996, the department of spirituality and enlightenment was established at the institute.

  For many years, the head of the Center for Spirituality and Enlightenment has been entrusted with a great responsibility in the formation of the spiritual and educational sphere of the Institute. During the establishment of the Center in 1992-1996, Associate Professor H. Shodmonov, in 1996-1999, Associate Professor Yu.M. Halimbetov, in 1999-2003, Professor KA Askarov.

  Since 2003, SG Halimov has been working as the head of the department.

  Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Sh. Mirziyoyev dated May 3, 2019 No pq-4307 "On additional measures to increase the effectiveness of spiritual and educational work" and According to the relevant order of the Ministry of Secondary Special Education, the Department of Spirituality and Enlightenment operates as the "Department of Youth Affairs, Spirituality and Enlightenment."

  The department is headed by a vice-rector. The staff of the department consists of the head of the department, methodologists and a psychologist. At the beginning of each academic year, develops and approves the work plan for the academic year, submits additional reports on the work done and activities to the academic council and higher organizations.

  In order to further improve and increase the effectiveness of the educational process at the Institute, the main tasks of the department are to lead the spiritual and educational system, to improve the work in this area, to prepare the necessary scientific and methodological literature using best practices. training of staff working in various fields, sports and public clubs, meetings, universal values for students, respect for historical traditions, love for the Fatherland, loyalty to the ideas of independence, spiritual achievements, meeting new requirements training of highly qualified mature specialists. It is about educating young people who are spiritually and physically fit and loyal to their country. Conducting spiritual and educational activities with gifted students.

  The main tasks of the department are to understand the essence of the socio-economic, political, spiritual and cultural tasks of students in the process of strengthening the independence of our country, as well as to explain the ethical basis of preparing future professionals for independent work. , to find a worthy place in life, to determine their own destiny, to believe in the future, to explain that the great future of the country is connected with achievements.

The main directions of spiritual and educational work:

  • Focus on national and universal values in educating students as citizens of the independent Republic of Uzbekistan - increase students' national pride;
  • Contribute to the enrichment of the nation's ancient values;
  • preparation for the task of citizenship and humanity before the motherland;
  • increase economic knowledge during the transition to a market economy;
  • promotion of domestic and foreign policy of the country or training of specialists;
  • professional development of students;
  • to develop a culture of communication, to form a duty to the nation, the homeland, family and friends;
  • formation and improvement of individual characteristics of students as individuals;
  • Promoting social activism, initiative, respect for learning and the profession, and a sense of social responsibility among students;
  • create all conditions for the protection of the interests of students, education and a healthy lifestyle;
  • increase students' socio-political and legal awareness, expand their critical and analytical thinking;
  • Injustice, fraud, kinship - tribalism and localism, that is, the struggle against the negative shortcomings of society;
  • Formation of ideological immunity among students in the fight against international terrorism, religious and political extremism, drug trafficking and organized crime;
  • Improving targeted spiritual and moral work;
  • professional and organizational skills required for management positions at the institute, managerial experience and experience in the field of education, relevant knowledge and skills within the scope of activities and competencies.

  • Tasks of the department of working with youth, spirituality and education:

    Continuous improvement of the management structure in the process of spiritual education;

    • Development and control of plans and programs;

    • Organization of timely provision of students and teachers with the tasks set by Decrees of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, resolutions of Oliy Majlis and the Cabinet of Ministers, the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education and the Law on Education in the national curriculum;

    • Ensuring timely communication to students and teachers of resolutions and information of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

    • Ensuring effective delivery of spirituality lessons by teachers and mentors;

    • Organization of significant events for Day of Spirituality at the university;

    • Organization of educational meetings in various areas;

    • In order to prevent crime, improve the system of interaction with law enforcement agencies;

    • Preparation and publication of textbooks and instructions for teachers in spiritual and educational direction, as well as the provision of textbooks;

    • Organization of meaningful free time for students

    • Organization of control and regular monitoring of students' living conditions;

    • Ensuring the uninterrupted quality of household appliances, sports and health facilities at the university, as well as introducing control over food and rest.

    • Formation of a harmoniously developed generation, having such qualities as love for the Motherland, loyalty to its people, commitment to independence, independent and free-thinking, strong will, education of young people with a strong faith, which are reflected in the works and speeches of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan are the basis of spiritual and educational work held at the university;

    • The department for spiritual and educational work conducts its activities in cooperation with the Council of Elders and teachers, with the primary Youth Union of the university, the Women's Council, a psychologist, a trade union, and also with deputy deans for youth affairs of faculties;

    • Carry out a regular check of the records of teaching journals and students' documents, reflecting the holding of the "Hours of Information and Spirituality" by teachers at faculties and departments;

    • The goal of every work done at the university is to form in students the ideas of national independence, the values of independence, love for the Motherland;

    • In the spiritual education of students, special attention should be paid to the fight against terrorism, religious extremism, fanaticism, delinquency, drug addiction, AIDS, their prevention, warning and awareness of students about their terrible consequences that they cause, and in cooperation with law enforcement agencies, religious and health authorities and other organizations adoption and implementation of comprehensive measures. Together with these structures to hold meetings, practical exercises, discussions. Also, the mass involvement of students in watching films and performances related to this topic.

    • The implementation and conduct of spiritual and educational work in the students’ hostels is also the task of the department. Creation of all conditions for leisure and independent work of students. The dormitories have a library, a reading room, a hall of spirituality and education, a sports club. In order to spend leisure time for students after classes, organizing and holding evenings for reading books in the reading room, in the hall of spirituality and enlightenment, meetings, discussions, and various competitions in the sports club.

    • The department pays special attention to the meaningful use of students' free time. For this, about 40 clubs and circles function at the university. Of particular interest to students is the sports club "Student", "Club of cheerful and resourceful", "Zakovat". Among them are about a thousand of our students who spend their free time with friends;

    • Spiritual support and material stimulation of students in need of social protection is one of the department's regular activities and it is regularly monitored. On the eve of our national holidays, as well as throughout the year, the organization and allocation of material incentives for orphans, the disabled, low-income students

    Erboev Sukhrob Abdusalomovich

    Department Methodist

    Mukhiddinov Salokhiddin Nuriddinovich

    Department Methodist

    Shakhanov Shokhrukh Shavkatovich

    Department Methodist

    Tursunov Sanjar Zokirovich

    Department Methodist