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The department of youth affairs, spirituality and enlightenment

Muratov Odil Ismatullayevich 

Head of the Department of youth work, spirituality and enlightenment

Reception time:  Monday-Friday:08:30-17: 00
Tel: +998 (66) 233 09 76
Fax: (0366)233-71-75
Address: City of Samarkand Amir Temur Street 18 House


    Raising the morale of young people, educating in them a sense of patriotism and inviolability in relation to side-by-side events, is of more and more urgent importance today.


    Today, the people of Uzbekistan are building a new democratic society, spirituality is one of the important aspects in its development. Particular attention is paid to the problems of education, education and development of spirituality in solving the socio-political and cultural-educational tasks facing our country.

    It should be noted that during the years of independence, the spiritual and historical values of the Uzbek people, the heritage of great ancestors, are really becoming a World Heritage site. Restoration of the original history of the Uzbek state, restoration of national traditions, national culture, development of national languages-all this is a new spiritual life of the peoples of our independent homeland. The issue of spiritual rebirth has become one of the important priorities of Public Policy. For the first time in the history of the Uzbek people, theoretical ideas and ideologies were developed.

    During the years of independent development of Uzbekistan, the thinking and worldview of people changed. A new generation is forming into life, which sees its point in strengthening democratic values, liberalizing economic and political life and renewing society.

    The Samarkand State Medical University operates the university leadership, as well as professors and coaches, to restore the awareness of the national identity in the formation and development of bright thinking of national ideology among students.

    The main task today is to ensure the enrichment of our younger generation with knowledge, to raise them spiritually, to promote their self-confidence, the ability to change their lives for the better.

    In accordance with the decree of the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated March 26, 2021 “on measures to radically improve the system of spiritual and educational affairs”, the “Department of youth work, spirituality and enlightenment” was reorganized.

    The department works under the direction of the pro-rector. The personnel structure of the department consists of the head of the Department, stylists and a psychologist. At the beginning of each academic year, it draws up and approves a work plan for the academic year, provides an additional report on the work and activities carried out to the Scientific Council and higher organizations.

    In order to further improve and improve the effectiveness of educational processes at the University, the main tasks of the department are to guide the spiritual and educational system, improve the work carried out in this area, prepare publications of the necessary scientific and methodological literature using advanced experience, train employees in all areas, organize meetings, organize various clubs, sports and community clubs, give students universal values, respect, achievements in the spiritual sphere, training of highly qualified mature specialists who meet new requirements. Spiritual and physical perfection consists in the upbringing of young people devoted to their homeland. To conduct spiritual and educational activities with talented students.

    The main tasks of the department are to understand the essence of socio-economic, political, spiritual and cultural tasks carried out in the process of strengthening the independence of our motherland as a qualified specialist, as well as to explain the moral foundations of preparing future specialists for independent work logical thinking, the ability to manage a team, find a worthy place in life, self-determination, confidence


    During his years at Samarkand State Medical University in the position of head of the Department of youth work, spirituality and enlightenment, the following activities were carried out:

    1992-1996 X.Shodmonov

    1996-1999 Yu.M.Halimbetov

    1999-2003 Q.A.Asqarov

    2003-2022 S.G.Halimov

    2022-2022 N.A.Muradova

    Since August 2022, Muratov Odil Ismatullayevich has been appointed head of the Department of youth work, spirituality and enlightenment.



Maʼnaviy-maʼrifiy va tarbiyaviy ishlarning asosiy yoʻnalishlari:

    Formation of students on the basis of national and universal values, as khaki citizens of the Independent Republic of Uzbekistan;

    Formation of national pride in students;

    Glorifying and enriching the best of the ancient traditions of our people;

    Preparation of civil and childlike duties before the motherland for the successful implementation;

    Training of students in the implementation of social policies carried out in connection with the transition of our country to a market economy;

    Work on the training of young specialists of the level of demand in the domestic and foreign policy of our country;

    To increase the responsibility to master the profession in students;

    Nurture the attitude towards the realization of their duty to the National, Family, parent, neighbor, neighborhood;

    Formation and improvement of individual qualities of the student as a person, specific;

    Broad promotion of students with social activism, initiative, respect for studies and profession and a sense of social malaise;

    To protect the benefit of the student youth, to provide all the facilities for them to gain knowledge and live a healthy life;

    Development of socio-political and legal consciousness of students, expansion of critical and analytical thoughts in them;

    The fight against negative vices in society, such as injustice, obscenity, bribery, familiarity and localism;

    Determination of ideological immunity among student-youth in the fight against international terrorism, religious and political extremism, homosexuality and organized crime;

    Improving the spiritual and moral work addressed.

Tasks of the Department of work, spirituality and enlightenment with young people:

    The department is assigned the following tasks in order to further improve the educational process and improve the efficiency of the University:

    Leadership of the "spiritual and educational" system, coordination of work carried out in this area;

    Preparation, printing of literature on the necessary scientific and methodological topic on spiritual and educational issues using advanced experiments;

    Organization of training of employees of all industries;

    Various circles, sports, community club, meetings, respect for universal values, devotion to historical traditions, love for the motherland, ideas of independence, spirit of independence, spirituality widely explain to students our achievements in the field;

    Training of highly qualified specialists who meet the demand of a new type of mature period, training as spiritual-cultural, moral-spiritual physically competent, faithful to the motherland, neighborhood;

    Regular improvement of the management system in the process of spiritual and educational education;

    Development of plans and programs of spiritual and educational work and control over its implementation;

    The decrees of the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan, decisions of the Supreme Assembly and Cabinet of Ministers, timely delivery, organization of orders and information of the Ministry of higher education as well as the tasks set out in the law on education and the National Program of Personnel Training to students, coaches and professors;

    Speeches and lectures of the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan, timely communication of the essence of the decisions made by the     Cabinet of Ministers to students and youth and professors, Organization of comprehensive explanatory work;

    Setting up a system for improving the master-apprentice system;

    To ensure that the coaching hours held by the mentors are effectively held;

    Organization of meaningful holding of "spirituality Day" events held at the University;

    Holding meetings in different educational directions;

    Improving the system of work in cooperation with the EU-regulatory agencies in order to prevent violations;

    Scientific and methodological and practical literature on the issues of spiritual and educational education of students and young people, the preparation and printing of manuals and the provision of educational literature;

    Organization of meaningful student leisure;

    To organize regular monitoring of the living conditions of students living in the student housing and rent;

    Control of the University in order to ensure the continuous, high-quality operation of sports-wellness, household services, nutrition, recreation, cultural recreation systems;

    Organization of various competitions, festivals, spartakiads, Olympiads at the University;

    In order to improve the financial situation of students with disabilities who come from financially disadvantaged multi-child families, it is necessary to regularly work to determine their condition and make proposals to the university leadership;

    To organize events on various topics on the occasion of the holidays and anniversaries of Scientists;

    Organizing visits of students and professors to film theaters, museums, places of historical pilgrimage;

    Organization and supervision of work carried out by parents of students, local authorities, charitable foundations, neighborhoods and faculties at the University;

    Formation of students on the basis of national and universal values, as khaki citizens of the Independent Republic of Uzbekistan;

    Formation of student national pride;

    Preparation of civil and filial duties and duties before the motherland for the urgent;

    Organization of competitions, festivals, spartakiads, Olympiads at the University;

    To ensure the participation of professors and students in various public affairs, activities that will take place in the Republic, Region, City and University;

    Directions of educational work and the introduction of a proposal to improve their effectiveness.


Erboyev Suxrob Abdusalomovich – Boʻlim uslubchisi

Mukhiddinov Salokhiddin Nuriddinovich – Department methodologist

Shakhanov Shokhrukh Shavkatovich – Department methodologist

Abdakhatov Sardor Alisherovich – Department methodologist