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Cultural and educational activities

  Today, as in all spheres of life, a new focus on education, especially on the upbringing of young people, is changing.

  The work carried out at the Institute on the education of patriotic youth with high spirituality, independent thinking and a strong position in life was approved by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on March 26, 2021 The Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education, relevant normative acts of the Ministry of Health, orders of the rector of the institute and regional and city khokimiyats, the Regional Center for Spirituality and Enlightenment, law enforcement officers, representatives of religious organizations, public organizations and is being done in collaboration with others.

  On the basis of 5 initiatives of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on raising the morale of young people and the meaningful organization of their leisure time in the system of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education developed an action plan developed at the institute. There are stands and posters on 5 initiatives.

  In the framework of the 1st initiative: "Students" theater studio, "Cheerful and clever", "Tafakkur Sinovlari", "Zakovat" clubs are operating. For students interested in the arts, all the necessary equipment (strings, circles, jigs, hurricanes, etc.), sound equipment is installed. The faculties include "Avicenna", "Shock", "Mediator", "Adrenaline" and "Samarkand", "Cheerful and clever" teams of talented young people.

  Every year, the institute holds competitions and contests among students in various fields. In particular, the group and faculty stages of the "Student of the Year" competition were held in accordance with the Regulations of the competition, and the winners of the institute stage were presented to the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education. One student of the institute won the 1st place in the competition "The best article" on the theme of patriotism, which was held among the universities of the Republic. Our student also took first place in the competition for the "Best Poster" among higher education institutions of the Republic in the fight against corruption.