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Package of accepted documents

Collection of admission documents

  Admission to the master's degree program begins online from 1 July. Recall some information about admission to the master's degree program:

  Files only online admission through the portal, applicants do not come HEI to the document application; Applicants are not given the opportunity to choose 5 directions of specialization in the master's degree program. Only one direction is chosen; Entrance examinations are on the subject of speciality and foreign language. From other subjects will not; The maximum score that can be scored in the master's exams is 250 points.

  At the entrance to master's degree program, applicants (those with a bachelor's degree, specialists with a diploma) submit the following documents to the admission Commission of the higher educational institution:

  • application to the rector of a higher educational institution with a master's degree;
  • original of the document on higher education (or an extract from the diploma — for graduates of state grant of higher education institutions of the Republic of Uzbekistan) and application to it;
  • a copy of published scientific articles or theses (or equivalent documents) (if available)
  • o 3.5 x 4.5 size 6 PCs color photo frame;
  • Medical certificate of 086-U-form.
  • Documents are accepted from 1 July to 31 July.

      In the process of submission of documents, applicants personally indicate their passport and military service documents.

    List of examination subjects

      Diploma point-100 points;

      Proficiency test point-100 points;

      Foreign Language test point-100 points.

      For published articles, points are not given in entrance exams;

      Acceptance of documents takes 1 month, that is, starting from 1 July and will last until 31 July;