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Samarkand Region the Technical School of Public health named after Abu Ali ibn Sina

Khojamurodov Gafur Jorakulovich

The director of Technical school of Public health named after Abu Ali ibn Sina

Acceptance time :  Monday-Saturday :       8 30 - 17 00

+998 (97) 911 40 74


Samarkand sh., Alpomish St. , 11- house


  In 1920 “School of Midwives “ in Samarkand Educational Institution established under the name of 29, 1998 Health care of Republic of Uzbekistan in July According to the order No. 372 of the Ministry of Samarkand converted into a basic medical collage. Uzbekistan 12 of 2005 of the Ministry of Health of Republic base medical collage by order no. 331 dated July status is defined. The President of Uzbekistan decree of April 7, 2020 that “Medical and sanitary personnel training and continuous professional development in the field introduction of a completely new system of development on measures” to the resolution PQ-4666 mainly Samarkand congregation named after Abu Ali ibn Sina Health to the Technical School converted. Adress: Alpomish st, Samarkand city. Samarkand region, 11 the house. According to the project, the capacity is 1200 seats intended. Nowadays 7 type of studying are operating in technical school. They are: Nursing work, paramedic obstetrician work,Pharmacy, Dentistry, Paramadic laboratory work, Medical preventive work, Medical social work.


  In our country, spiritual and educational work has been systematically implemented organization, measures implemented in this regard increase the effectiveness of activities, especially the population intellectual potential of young people, thinking and increase worldwide, ideological immunity strengthening, patriotism, love for the people and a mature generation that lives with a sense op loyalty special attention is paid to education. Especially Samarkand congregation named after Abu Ali ibn Sina systematic work is being carried out in this regard at the technical school is being conducted. In the technical school,  on the occasion of the 33rd anniversary of the granting of “the status of the state language to the Uzbek language” was held speech which called “The Uzbek language is the spiritual property of the Uzbek people” by the teacher Ismailova N. A.

The pictures of  conversation with students which called   " The Uzbek language is the spiritual property of Uzbek  people"


  Teaching each _ course and directions for the following approved documents according to take goes to :

- Qualifying characteristic ;

- State education standard ;

- Exemplary curriculum ;

- Worker curriculum ;

- confirmed diagnosis standards ;

- modern education technologies ( graphic organizers , case technology and project method ).

  In teaching process  the following technical supplies have:

  In technical school all computers to the internet connected , one How many Wi-Fi zones are here  . To the topic about video films , presentations , multimedia programs , lectures and practical training , training to the program basically all directions for Study materials collection there is .

   Library of technical school:

The library has more than 403 books in English, Uzbek and Russian languages. There are more

educational literature. • Electronic library

includes textbooks, atlases, training manuals, teaching methodology manuals, etc.

For students responsible study rooms had been organized: