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Digital Education Technology Center

Shukurov Lazizbek Elbek ugli

Head of the Center for Digital Educational Technologies

Reception time: Everyday: from 09:00 till 17:00
Address: Samarkand, Amir Temur st. ,18

    In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan of April 1, 2022 No. PP-188 "On the creation of the Samarkand State Medical University and the further improvement of the training system in the field," this provision approved by the order of the Samarkand State Medical University (further - "SamSMU" or "university") dated May 16, 2022 No. 275/AF, approved by decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated February 19, 2018 No. PF-5349 "On measures to further improve the sphere of information technology and communications" of the Samarkand State Medical University, created on the basis of the order of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 08/1-580 of February 2018 determines.

The main tasks of the center are:

  • The university renders consulting services in information security and also timely informing the management of higher education institution on the arising threats of information security;
  • Will organize and controls activity of management of National network of electronic education;
  • Control of correctness of work of programs of the existing computer technologies in higher education institution;
  • Organization of technical inspection and repair of computers;
  • Control of work of operators of the COMPUTER;
  • To increase a reserve of university computers at the expense of modern computers and to continue to improve the existing computers;
  • Control of network functioning the Internet, services of e-mail at the university on level of demand, control of timely receiving and distribution of messages and news;
  • Control of work, repair and check of the copying servers of the university;
  • Leadership in all work of the university on electronic training and establishing communications with domestic and foreign higher education institutions on the organization of electronic training;
  • Protection of information stored and transmitted via communication channels from unauthorized visits, modifications, forgeries and losses;
  • Ensuring the relevance and reliability of information transmission;
  • Identification of internal and external threats to information security;
  • Software protection against unauthorized modifications and losses;
  • Operating systems and application programs used in them (for solving applied tasks) and software tools for monitoring the working state, recovery in case of violation of the working state;
  • Providing access to hardware, software and information resources to registered users;

For performance of the tasks assigned to it the center performs the following functions:

    a) introduction and development of information and communication technologies, provision of their software and functioning, as well as information security:

    • Implementation of measures aimed at eliminating existing technical and software problems in computers and preventing their recurrence;
    • Making proposals on the effective use of computer equipment and technologies in the educational process;
    • Identification of computer classroom and computer needs, identification of responsible persons and control over efficient use of computer classrooms;
    • Installation and update of system and office software of computers used in structural subdivisions;
    • Installation of software necessary for the educational process on existing computers, as well as maintenance of computer equipment;
    • The organization of the educational and methodical and practical seminars devoted to questions of introduction and use of information and communication technologies.

    b) In organizing the effective use of the university Internet, in monitoring the operation of corporate and local networks:

    • Provision of continuous operation and maintenance of existing network devices (servers, switches, wi-Fi) in training rooms;
    • Connection of computers to the local network and control over their operation on the local network;
    • Installation of antivirus programs on computers and ensuring their relevance;
    • Monitoring the continuous operation of the video surveillance system installed in the training facilities;
    • Provision of methodological and technical assistance to structural subdivisions on technical and software means of local network;
    • To make proposals to the University management on drawing up contracts with providers for Internet connection in accordance with the established procedure;
    • Ensuring efficient use of the Internet by employees and students, as well as control;- Monitor the continuous operation of the Internet and take measures to eliminate various risks associated with connecting to the Internet and a software and technical firewall.

    c) In the improvement and continuous active operation of the official website of the university and the e-mail service, the provision of interactive services:

    • Providing university e-mail service to employees working in structural units and monitoring their proper use of e-mail;
    • Improvement of the official website and timely placement of information provided by the information service on the activities of the university;
    • Ensure continuous operation and update of interactive services provided through the website.

    g) In ensuring the integration of the university's information systems into the global network, automation of the educational process, the formation and constant updating of the electronic scientific and methodological base:

    • Development of existing training process automation programs and control over their effective use;
    • Organization of connection to global information and legal and educational resources and their regular updating;
    • Ensuring timely addition of information related to the university developed and implemented by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation;
    • Control over the effective use of the electronic document management system implemented at the university;
    • Creation of an e-learning resource base and control over its replenishment, as well as maintenance of a register;
    • Providing software and technical assistance in creating electronic versions of new generation literature;
    • Control over the formation and constant updating of the database of created electronic textbooks.

The center has the right to perform the tasks and functions assigned to it:

  • Request materials and information related to the activities of the department from the structural divisions of the university;
  • To make proposals to the university management to encourage the staff of the department, who made a worthy contribution to the development of the university's activities, were able to show their talent and knowledge, actively participated in social work, achieved success in various fields, showed an example of dedication;
  • Making proposals to the management of the university on the application of disciplinary measures established by law against the head and responsible employees who do not comply with the rules for the use of information and communication technologies and information security if necessary;
  • Participation in the development of documents on the activities of the center;
  • The Centre shall also have other rights under the law.


  • Ensure the fulfillment of the tasks assigned to the center by decisions of the university council and orders of the rector;
  • To timely fulfillment of the tasks set by the university management;
  • Ensure high efficiency in all areas of activity, actively participate in the activities of the university;
  • Consider appeals of individuals and legal entities within their competence;
  • Compliance with labor and performance discipline and official duties, ensuring the implementation of annual work plans;
  • The university must follow the rules of internal regulations, etiquette.