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Scientific center for immunology, allergology and human genomics

Ziyadullaev Shukhrat Khudayberdievich, director of the Scientific Center for Immunology, Allergology and Human Genomics at Samarkand State Medical University

Reception hours:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 10:00 to 17:00
Phone: +998 (93) 345 00 59
Address:  Ortashiq MFY, Samarkand District, Samarkand Region.


  The Scientific Center of Immunology, Allergology and Human Genomics at the Samarkand State Medical University was established based on the decision of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. PQ-188 dated April 1, 2022. Currently, the charter of the Center has been developed and approved. The center was registered with the state in accordance with the established procedure. The structure of the center was formulated and approved. The structure of the center includes five main research units, six treatment units and several auxiliary units. Address of the center ... (Regulations and structure)

Activities of training highly qualified scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel in the center

  Currently, 1 Doctor of Science and 3 Candidates of Science are working effectively in the Center. In order to increase the scientific potential of the center, cooperation of doctors of philosophy (RhD) and doctors of science (DSs) with leading ITM and higher education institutions of Russia, Belarus, South Korea has been established. 4 doctors of philosophy (RhD) in medical sciences were trained under the scientific guidance of the center's staff.

(full name, Subject, Code of specialization, Name)

Sultanov Ilhomjon

Genetic predictors of pharmacologic response to major therapeutic agents in rheumatoid arthritis

14.00.36 – Allergology and immunology

Kadyrov Avaz

The importance of gene polymorphism in the selection of treatment tactics for diffuse toxic goiter

14.00.36 - Allergology and immunology

Publishing activity of the center

  Publication activity is the most important indicator determining the effectiveness of scientific activity. During the activity of the center, 4 monographs, 1 textbook and more than 10 methodical instructions were published by scientific staff, and their articles are being published in prestigious journals. During the last 2 years, more than 10 journals indexed in the Web of Science and Scopus databases and more than 20 scientific articles were published in journals recognized by OAK. Patents were obtained for 2 inventions.

International cooperation and implementation of scientific projects at the center

  Currently, the Center has strong cooperation with a number of foreign organizations. Professors-teachers and scientific staff of republican and foreign leading ITMs and higher education institutions are actively involved in the center's scientific-research works. Joint scientific projects are being implemented with scientists from the universities of Russia, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, and Egypt on the topics of "Use of mesenchymal stromal/distant cells and their exosomes in tissue regeneration" and "Treatment of some forms of cancer using CAR-T therapy."

Activities of the center's employees to participate in scientific conferences

  Systematic participation of scientific staff in international conferences, symposia and seminars held in foreign countries is ensured. Employees of the center regularly participate in prestigious scientific conferences in foreign countries (Russia, South Korea, the United States of America) with their lectures.

Activities of the center in treatment and prevention

  In the center, modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to the immune system are being developed and extensive work is being carried out on their implementation. The staff of the center provides highly qualified specialized medical care by visiting the Samarkand region and the regions of the republic.

The main goals, tasks and functions of the center are as follows:

  • formation of a high-tech material and scientific base, as well as a school in this direction, designed to provide highly qualified and high-quality and specialized medical care that meets the current international requirements;
  • meeting the population's demand for highly qualified specialized medical assistance in the field of immunology, allergology, and human genomics specialties in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases.

The main tasks of the center are the following:

  • providing high-quality specialized medical care to the population in the fields of immunology, allergology and human genomics, in which the Center is based on the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated July 28, 2021 "On measures to further improve the system of specialized medical care in the health sector" No. PQ-5199 operates on the basis of the procedure and financing mechanism of the republican specialized medical scientific-practical centers established in the decision;
  • to ensure the constant updating and modernization of the existing medical equipment park, to equip the Center with modern medical equipment that allows for the provision of highly qualified specialized medical care in accordance with modern international requirements in the fields of immunology, allergology and human genomics;
  • Organization of management and marketing activities to attract financial and material and technical resources to ensure the activity of the center;
  • To constantly increase and improve the professional level of the center's medical staff, including the organization of internships of experts in foreign leading medical educational institutions and clinics in the field of diagnosis of diseases and modern methods of their treatment;
  • conducting scientific research aimed at developing advanced methods and technologies for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases in the fields of immunology, allergology and human genomics, as well as their introduction into medical practice;
  • to constantly improve our own patented methods and technologies for the treatment and diagnosis of diseases in the fields of immunology, allergology and human genomics, and to achieve their recognition at the international level;
  • active participation in the development and implementation of republican target programs in the fields of immunology, allergology and human genomics;
  • to expand and strengthen international cooperation with foreign leading medical institutions in the fields of immunology, allergology and human genomics, to ensure a wide exchange of accumulated experience, information, as well as experts;hududiy ixtisoslashtirilgan tibbiyot tashkilotlariga tashkiliy-uslubiy rahbarlik qilish, ularning amaliyotiga tibbiy yordamning zamonaviy usullari va texnologiyalarini joriy etish, mintaqalarda zarur profilaktik ishlar oʻtkazishda koʻmaklashish, sayyor konsultasiyalar, mahorat darslarini muntazam ravishda oʻtkazib borish.