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Nasretdinova Makhzuna Taxsinovna

M.D. acting professor

Reception hours: Monday-Saturday: 14:00 – 16:00
Phone: 66 233-30-34
Fax: (0366) 233-30-34
E-mail: mavlyanov.farxod@sammi.uz
Address: Samarkand, Amir Temur str., 18

  The department of scientific research, innovation and training of scientific and pedagogical personnel is one of the main structural divisions of the institute, which acts in accordance with the charter and organizes its activities on the basis of orders and orders of the Rector, as well as the Academic Council of the institute.

Department goals and objectives:

- organization of work on the provision of the scientific degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Doctor of Philosohy, PhD) and Doctor of Science (Doctor of Science, DSc) in order to ensure the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On further improving the system after university education", No. UP-4958 dated February 16, 2017 ... And also, the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On measures to further improve the system after university education" No. 304 dated May 22, 2017;

- effective use of the scientific potential of the Institute's scientists in solving existing scientific, theoretical and clinical problems in the system of medicine;

- assistance in building the capacity of specialists trained at the institute through broad participation in research;

- organization of the implementation of scientific developments created by scientists of the institute in the educational process, practice and production;

- ensuring the implementation of research on the basis of extrabudgetary grants and business contracts;

- organization of scientific cooperation, scientific seminars and conferences, exchange of information with scientists from leading foreign universities, research centers;

- sale of scientific and technical products, created on the basis of research results, to customers (consumers);

- radically reform the system of training highly qualified specialists, scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel by developing the activities of doctoral students on the basis of a single program in order to ensure the continuity of training of scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel at the institute.

Information about current scientific and methodological works

- Since the beginning of 2021, the Scopus platform has published: 151 articles, 757 articles, 257 abstracts abroad and in the CIS countries, 586 articles, 1402 abstracts in the republic. For the period from January to September in 2021, the staff of SamHMI published 3153 scientific articles and abstracts, including 1014 - in foreign publications and the CIS countries, 1988 - in national scientific publications.

- During this period, 72 professors and teachers of the institute took part in scientific and practical conferences and seminars abroad, 117 scientific and practical conferences held throughout the country.

- The Institute held 67 scientific conferences and seminars, at which, based on the research results, new diagnostic and treatment technologies, innovative technologies in medical education were discussed.

- The Intellectual Property Agency under the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan received certificates for 60 computer programs and 5 patents for inventions, and also published 6 textbooks, 42 monographs, 36 teaching aids and more than 120 methodological instructions.

- Young scientists, students (bachelors, masters) of the institute have developed 12 innovative and Strart Up projects.

- The project "Joint Master's Program of Clinical Engineering in Uzbekistan" is being implemented, which won a grant from the Academic Innovation Fund in the amount of US $ 70,000.

In total, 31 dissertations have been defended: 29 Doctors of Philosophy (PhD) and 2 Doctors of Science (DSc) for the degree.