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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I enter the Samarkand State Medical Institute, if I want to study here?

To pass an introductory interview in a separate competition for foreign citizens.

Under what conditions can I study at the Samarkand State Medical Institute?

Education of foreign citizens is carried out on a fee-contract basis.

Does Samarkand State Medical Institute provide a dormitory?

After admission one should fill the application and submit to the corresponding dean’s office.

How can I apply?

Documents may be submitted to the Admissions Office of the Samarkand State Medical Institute.

Scanned copies of these documents can be e-mailed to the International relations department of the Samarkand State Medical Institute international.department@sammi.uz.

In what language is training carried out in Samarkand State Medical Institute?

Training in TMA is carried out in Uzbek, Russian and English.

Do foreign students get stipend?

No, foreign students do not get stipend.