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«Shifokor so’zi» newspaper

General information

  "Shifokor («Шифокор сўзи», «Врачебное слово») so'zi is the only newspaper of the Samarkand State Medical Institute, the first issue of which was published in 1938 under the title "For Medical Science".

  • By 2020, the newspaper was published once a month and in some years it was published twice a month, with a volume of two pages.
  • The first edition of the newspaper was printed in the print house of the institute.
  • Since January 2004, it has been published in a four-page format under the title "Shifokor so'zi".
  • Since its establishment, 1,168 issues of the newspaper have been published.
  • The newspaper was registered by the Samarkand regional department of press and information on 18 January 2007 under No. 09-33. Index: 5539.
  • The newspaper is published once a month and distributed free of charge.

The address of the newspaper: 18, Amir Timur Street, Samarkand,

Tel.: (99866) 233-09-76,

Fax: (99866) 233-71-75.