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Department of Dentistry

Head of the Department - Doctor of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor

Abduvakilov Jakhongir Ubaydullaevich

Visiting hours: Monday to Saturday: 08:30-17:00

+998 (98) 301 33 32


Staff of the department

Nazarova Nodira Sharipovna

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor

Course subject:

Phone:+998 (90) 445 50 05
Course groups:

Musaeva Gulcheхra Abduhamitovna

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+998 (91) 575 11 74

Course groups:

Nurmatov Ortiq Sattorovich

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+998 (90) 101 30 30

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  The 2005 dental course was created by order no. 92 of prof. Shamsiev, and A. A. Kholbaev was appointed head of the course. A.A. Bakhodirov and G. A. Musaeva began her career as an assistant. On this course, dentists were trained in the direction of "therapeutic dentistry".

On July 28, 2020, on the initiative of the rector of SamDTI, Professor Rizaev Zh.A., by order 543 / AF, the Department of Dentistry was created.

Currently, the department employs Doctor of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor Abduvakilov J.U., Doctor of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor Nazarova N.Sh., assistants Musaeva G.A., Nurmatov O.S.

The department trains dentists in various areas: therapy, orthopedics, surgical dentistry and orthodontics. Also, this department provides retraining in all areas of dentistry.

During the activity of the department, more than 3 thousand dentists from all regions of our republic have improved their skills.


  Spiritual hours are held weekly by the department on spiritual and educational issues. During these hours, the news of the socio-economic and political life of society, legal documents, that is, orders and resolutions of the President of the Republic and the Cabinet of Ministers, are considered. Employees of the department actively participate in all events held at the university. In the regions and districts, the staff of the department takes an active part in the prevention and treatment of the Covid-19 pandemic, advising in their specialty.


  Educational and methodological work at the department is organized in accordance with the educational legal documents of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

  1. On the formation of the Republic of Uzbekistan (August 29, 1997).
  2. National Training Program (August 29, 1997).
  3. Order of the CER of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated February 26, 2018 No. 125 "State requirements for the organization and management of the system of training and retraining of medical workers."
  4. Decision PQ-4310 dated May 6, 2019 “On measures to further develop personnel training and scientific activities in the medical and pharmaceutical system”.
  5. Decision PQ-4666 of 04/07/2020 "On measures to introduce a fundamentally new system of continuous professional development and training in the health care sector."
  6. Order of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 160 dated June 15, 2020 “On the establishment of a system for continuous training of medical and sanitary and pharmaceutical personnel”.
  7. Standard and work program in subjects.

  The activity of the department is aimed at teaching modern technologies of all sections of dentistry, primary specialization, new methods of treatment, diagnostics, modern standards of treatment. The department is located in the Samarkand Regional Dental Clinic and has the modern diagnostic equipment necessary for its work, as well as qualified specialists educated in Russia and other countries.

  At the Department of Dentistry FPDO SamDTU there are 5 training programs for specialists in the following areas: pediatric therapeutic, therapeutic, orthopedic, surgical dentistry and orthodontics.


  The department has connections and cooperation with more than 10 higher educational institutions and research centers of near and far abroad.


  The main scientific direction of the Department of Dentistry is: the diagnosis of dental diseases, the solution of clinical features and problems of treatment, the creation of a treatment and prevention program.

  Doctoral and candidate dissertations are being carried out in various areas of dentistry.

  The staff of the department published 14 monographs, more than 40 methodological and scientific developments, more than 100 scientific articles. 3 inventions have been developed. Reports were made at many international conferences. An employee of the department Nazarova N.Sh successfully defended her doctoral dissertation in 2022.

  In order to increase the theoretical and practical knowledge of our In order to improve the theoretical and practical knowledge of our employees, "AZIA STOM PLUS" and SJSC "GULSA" of Turkey held master classes on the topic "Modern methods for obtaining metal-ceramic coatings" and presented certificates to the participants.