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Gifted students


  Currently, the institute has 65 student scientific circles, in which 1152 gifted students are actively involved. Over the past year, 314 students have become winners of International and Republican competitions, conferences and subject Olympiads.

  The institute has laureates of the State Scholarship of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the State Scholarship named after I. Karimov and named after Ibn Sino. In addition, 3 students passed the competition and won a scholarship from “Uzbekneftgaz” JSC.

  For the first time, in the second half of 2020, in addition to state scholarships, the institute held a "Rector's Scholarship" with the aim of identifying gifted students and motivating them in further activities.

  "Rector's scholarship" is a monthly scholarship for each semester based on the results of each semester with the intention of encouraging gifted youth, involving them in active scientific and creative activities and material support for talented students. 52 students had won the competition and received the "Rector's Scholarship".

  Over the past year, 246 students became winners of the Republican and International Subject Olympiads. In 2020, in the Republican subject Olympiads, 2 students of the institute took the first places, as well as 3 students took the second places and 4 students took the third places as well, which is the most outstanding outcome among the medical universities of the republic.

  Genius students of the Institute annually take an active part in student conferences organized by medical universities and centers of foreign countries.

  On December 11-12, 2020, the Samarkand State Medical Institute for the first time organized the Samarkand-2020 International Online Olympiad, dedicated to the great scientist and thinker Abu Ali ibn Sino. This Olympiad was organized with the support of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan (No. 8-7-3 / 1901-1). The students of 72 higher educational institutions from 14 countries participated in this international online Olympiad. As a result of the Olympiad competitions, 86 students of our institute were awarded diplomas of prize places.

  Students of the Samarkand State Institute took an active part in the International Student Subject Online Olympiad "From the Teachings of Abu Ali ibn Sino - to the Third Renaissance", organized by the Bukhara State Medical Institute on December 25, 2020. According to the results of the Olympiad, 17 of the participants were victorious in gaining honorable places, and 12 students were announced as winners of nominations in subjects.

Chairperson of the student scientific society

Payzullaeva Umida Furkatovna

Head of the department for the organization of research activities of gifted students

Responsible for faculties

Асатулаев Акмаль Фархатович

assistant, responsible for SSS of the medical faculty

Nabieva Farangiz Sadriddinovna

assistant, responsible for SSS of the pediatric faculty

Nazarova Gulchekhra Hamrakulovna

assistant, responsible for SSS of the Medical prevention, public health and medical biology faculty

Akhtamov Shahrob Dilshodzoda

assistant, responsible for SSS of the dentistry faculty

Sattarova Hulkar Gayratovna

assistant, responsible for SSS of the pharmacy faculty

Kurbanov Bekzod Vohidovich

assistant, responsible for SSS of the medical pedagogy faculty

Winners of the "rector's scholarship"

Iskandarov Abdullajon Samandar o’gli

Medical prevention faculty, 2-academic year

Shamsiyev Shokhzod Jamshedovich

Medical faculty, 4- academic year

Mirzoev Rajabali Ilkhomovich

Medical faculty, 4- academic year

Sultonov Odiljon Raimovich

Pediatric faculty, 6- academic year

Saidova Diyora Otabek qizi

Dentistry faculty, 2- academic year

Mamaraimov Ibrokhim Khayrullo o’gli

Pediatric faculty, 2- academic year

Furkatov Shokhjakhon Furkatovich

Therapeutic dentidstry, 2- year master

Shakulov Azizbek Murodullayevich

Medical faculty, 5- academic year

Erkinov Munis Avazovich

Dentistry faculty, 5- academic year

Karimov Doniyor Tokhirovich

Dentistry faculty, 5- academic year