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Academic and Methodical Department

Tastanova Gulchexra Eshtaevna

Reception time: Monday-Friday 14:00-16:00
Tel: (0366)233-36-79
Fax: (0366)233-71-75
Address: Samarkand sh., Amir Temur k., house 18

  Organization and administration of educational process in Samarkand State Medical University is based on the Law "On Education", Presidential Decree No. PD-60 dated January 28, 2022 "On the development strategy of New Uzbekistan for 2022 - 2026", Presidential Decree No. PD-4310 dated 06.05.2019 "On measures for further development of medical and pharmaceutical education and science", and also No. PP-2909 dated April 20, 2017 "On measures for further development of higher education" and other normative documents.

  The University currently educates more than 11168 students enrolled in 10 undergraduate programs, 122 graduate students in 24 specialties, and 706 clinical residents in 56 specialties.

  Starting from the academic year 2020-2021, 6 joint programmes faculties with the Volga Region Research Medical University, the Ternopil National Medical University named after I.Y. Gorbachov, the Ternopil State Medical University and the Ternopil State Medical University have started their activities. The Volga Region Research Medical University, Ternopil National Medical University named after I.Y. Gorbachevsky, Chuvashskiy State University named after I.N. Ulyanov. I.N. Ulyanov Chuvash State University, where more than 300 students’ study in 6 undergraduate areas. 

  A joint educational programme in Pharmacy with Saratov State Medical University started in the academic year 2021-2022. 

  In the 2023-2024 academic year, 3 joint faculties began their activities with the Baltic Federal University, Altai State Medical University and Slubsk State Medical University.

  648 teachers are engaged in educational and methodical activity at 9 faculties and 86 departments of the University: 79 Doctors of Medicine (59 of them are Professors), 307 Candidates of Medicine or PhD (152 of them are Associate Professors), 37 Senior Lecturers.


  The academic and methodical department is a structural subdivision of Samarkand State Medical University, whose main tasks are planning, organising and controlling the educational process at the university.

 The main functions of the department are:

  • preparation of timetable of classes for students of 1-6 courses, consolidated schedule of educational process, examination of schedule of examination sessions;
  • calculation of the number of students, academic groups and flows for the academic year;
  • preparation of curricula for higher medical education specialties;
  • calculation and coordination of teaching and other activities of the university teaching staff with the proposal of the number of teaching staff for the academic year;
  • Accounting and analysis of teaching staff of the Departments' teaching work;
  • coordination of work of dean's offices, departments on issues of planning, organization of educational process, registration of registration-reporting documentation of training, training certificates;
  • control over academic discipline of students;
  • approval of chairmen of State examination commissions at the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • examination, approval of documents and preparation of orders for the execution of training work on contractual terms;
  • drafting contracts on hourly wage rates, accounting for their implementation;
  • consulting citizens on the issues of students' reinstatement and transfer to the university from other institutions of higher education;
  • calculation of academic discrepancies in the curricula of higher education institutions.

The team of the academic and methodical department