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Department for the organisation of research work of gifted students

Payzullyaeva Umida Furkatovna

Head of the department of organizing research activities of gifted students

Qabul vaqti:

13:00 – 15:00


(66) 233 26 68


(0366) 233-30-34



Samarkand, st. Amir Temur, 18

The Department of organizing research activities of gifted students 

  The Department of organizing research activities of gifted students is one of the main structural divisions of the University, which operates in accordance with the charter and organizes its activities on the basis of decisions and orders of the highest authorities, administration, as well as the Academic Council of the University. This department encourages and implements the activities of the student scientific society.

Main goals of the department:

  Organizing the work of courses in the departments and clinics of the University, attracting gifted students to the basics of modern science, directing their scientific activities in the most relevant areas of science, introducing the achievements of medical science into practice, improving scientific research, publishing scientific results and participating in scientific conferences and reports, encouraging active youth and their leaders, providing suggestions and advice in these areas are fundamental aims.

Tasks of the Department:

- organization of search and identification of gifted students;

- systematic identification of the intellectual potential of gifted students, that is, future medical professionals and young scientists;

- organization of their targeted training, depending on the aptitudes of gifted students;

- organization of involvement in fundamental research, scientific courses and author groups;

- assistance to talented students in the publication of scientific articles, as well as in the implementation of their scientific works and scientific developments in practice;

- ensuring the participation of gifted students in scientific conferences of national and international levels, as well as organization of referral to study and professional development in foreign countries;

- special training of researchers for state scholarships of the Republic of Uzbekistan from among gifted students;

- assist students in conducting independent scientific experiments, working with a variety of modern equipment, conducting clinical and morphological studies;

- organization of meetings of gifted students with scientists, managers and specialists of medical institutions;

- organization of professional games in the specialty for gifted students;

- creating conditions for the use of a modern information system.