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Head of international relations department

Yuldashev Umidjon

Time receipt:
Tel: (0366)233-27-44
Fax: (0366)233-27-44
Address: 18, Amir Temur street, Samarkand

  Department of international relations is the structural unit of Samarkand state medical Institute (SSMI).
  Department operates on the basis of the current legislation of Uzbekistan.


Management and coordination under the direction of institute administration of all structural departments by:
 • preparation of highly qualified personnel for Uzbekistan and foreign countries, who have professional and cultivated competencies corresponding to the world's high standards;
 • mplementation of international research projects, programs, contracts, grants and other co-operation forms with foreign universities, institutions, organizations and funds for the purpose of making SSMI internationly recognized innovative research and educational, analytical, consulting and design center.


 • organization and development of events for international relations of SSMI;
 • expansion of SSMI in international organizations, projects, programs;
 • preparation of visits and receiving foreign delegations arriving to SSMI with the official, work, informal (private) visits;
 • involvement of foreign professors to arrange lectures in SSMI ;
 • provision of academic mobility;
 • organization in conjunction with foreign partner-universities of summer and winter schools and provide SSMI students participation in project activities;
 • development and maintenance of exchange learning programs;
 • development and maintenance of double diplomas programs;
 • supporting communications with European and international organizations representations, located in the territory of Uzbekistan;
 • meetings organization and protocol support of foreign delegations;


 • organizational, methodological and representative provision of SSMI international cooperation
 • determination of co-operating priorities, perspective planning SSMI international relations, partners searching and selection for the establishment of contacts on universities level, participation in the development plans and cooperation programs, the implementation of international exchange
 • preparation and implementation of international education and research projects
 • partnership establishment and organization of SSMI cooperation programs with foreign universities, institutions, organizations and funds
 • implementation of informational and analytical provision and international cooperation support with the mutual coordination aim and implementation of international exchanges and contacts, specifically academic mobility, including the mobility of students, post-graduate students and professors
 • assistance and working coordination of faculties, chairs and other SSMI divisions in the implementation of the international cooperation and academic exchanges according to the achieved agreements, assistance in international conferences organization and the contacts supporting with foreign universities, institutions, organizations
 • implementation of protocol activities in the preparation of visits and receiving foreign delegations arriving to SSMI with the official, work, and informal (private) visits.