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Head of international relations department


Jurayev Sherzod

Qabul vaqti 08:30 – 17:00 
Tel: (0366)233-27-44
Faks: (0366)233-27-44
Veb - sayt:

Manzil : Samarqand shahar, Amir Temur ko'chasi 18 -uy


  The Department of International Relations is a structural subdivision of Samarkand State Medical University (SamSMU). 

  The Department carries out its activities on the basis of current legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

  The Department of "international relations" is the coordinating and managing Department of the University's organizational work, such as establishing cooperation with foreign higher education institutions, scientific research centers and training institutes, studying the latest educational and scientific experiments and their implementation in education, and returning students and professors to experience in prestigious educational institutions around the world.


  • Management and coordination under the direction of SamGMU Rectorate on the activities of all structural divisions on training qualified personnel for Uzbekistan and foreign countries with professional and general cultural competencies, corresponding to international standards;
  • Realization of international scientific projects, programs, agreements, grants and other forms of collaboration with foreign universities, institutions, organizations and funds to make SamGMU an internationally recognized innovative scientific and educational, analytical consulting and project center.


  • To design and organize measures for development of international relations of SamGMU;
  • to expand activities of SamGMU in international organizations, projects and programs
  • Prepare and conduct receptions for foreign delegations arriving to Samara State Medical University on official, working and unofficial (private) visits;
  • attract foreign faculty members to academic activities at SamGMU;
  • ensure academic mobility;
  • organize, together with foreign partner universities, summer and winter schools and ensure the participation of SamGMU students and postgraduate students in their work;
  • develop and ensure the functioning of the program of inclusive education;
  • to develop and ensure the functioning of double diploma programs;
  • maintain communication with representative offices of European and international organizations located on the territory of Uzbekistan;
  • to organize meetings and protocol accompaniment of delegations.


  • Organizational, methodical and representative support of international collaboration of Samara State Medical University
  • Definition of priorities in collaboration, perspective planning of SamGMU international relations, search and selection of partners for establishing contacts on the University level, participation in elaboration of plans and programs of joint activities and implementation of international exchanges
  • Preparation and realization of international educational and research projects;
  • Establishing partnerships and organization of working programs of cooperation between SamGMU and educational institutions, agencies, organizations and foundations of foreign countries;
  • providing information and analytical support for international cooperation in order to mutually coordinate actions and implementation of international exchanges and contacts, namely academic mobility, including the mobility of students, postgraduate students and teaching staff;
  • Coordination of work and assistance to faculties, departments and other subdivisions of SamGMU in implementation of international cooperation and academic exchange in accordance with agreements, assistance in organization of international conferences and support of relations with foreign universities, institutions, organizations
  • implementation of protocol activities in connection with the preparation and conduct of reception of foreign delegations arriving to Samara State Medical University with official, working, unofficial (private) visits.


Z.A.Bo'riyeva - Methodist.

Sh.U.Ibragimov - Methodist.

K.F. Rayimzhanova - Methodist.