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Information resource center

Mansurova Dilshoda Zakirovna

The director of Information Resource Center

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Mon-Sat: from 8:30 a.m. till 5 p.m.

Phone: 66 2332863
Fax: 03662337175
Address: 18, Amir Temur st. Samarkand


  In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated June 20, 2006 on the organization of information and library provision of the population of the Republic, higher education libraries began to operate as Information Resource Centers.

  The purpose of the Law on Information and Library Activities, adopted on April 13, 2011, is to regulate relations in the field of information and library activities. Taking into account modern requirements, conditions have been created to provide users with more comprehensive and systematic information aimed at meeting the intellectual needs of the younger generation, preserving cultural, spiritual and moral values. The fund of the Information Resource Center is replenished with the latest medical literature published by leading national and foreign publishers. SamMMI IRC fund has more than 350,000 printed, educational, scientific, educational, methodological, artistic and foreign literature. There are 110 950 copies of textbooks and 182 861 copies of scientific literature at the disposal of users. In addition to books in Uzbek (Latin, Cyrillic) and Russian, the departments have major foreign publications and textbooks in English and German. The Foreign Literature Fund has about 10,000 publications.


  The medical library of the Samarkand Medical Institute plays an important role in the development of science. It was founded in 1934 and is currently housed in SamMI’s 1st Clinical Hospital. From the earliest stages, the library had many functions. It was necessary to work hard on the formation and systematization of the book fund, the creation of catalogs. The first director of the library was the head of the department of histology and embryology prof. Grigory Mikhailovich Semyonov. The fund of the library in the first years consisted of about 30 thousand books.
  Professor G.G. Abdullaev, P.N. Karlenko, F.M. Goluba, I.P. Mishchenko, P.M. Isaev, F.I. Shevchenko, Associate Professor H.R. Farxadi, M. Asadulina, M.G. Iren, D.H. Books by Rakhmanova and other scholars have been donated to the library. During the war S.M. The Kirov Military Medical Academy was evacuated to Samarkand. After that, many books became a memory for us. Many of these editions can be called unique because most of the books were reprinted in the 19th and early 20th centuries. This is Brockhaus F.A.'s famous & quot; Encyclopedic Dictionary & quot;, and Efron I.A. (1890-1907), & QUOT; The Real Encyclopedia of Medical Sciences (1891), books on anatomy, physiology, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, etc., as well as doctoral and master's dissertations. The works of Sechenov, Pavlov, Pirogov and other founders of medical science, which are of great cultural and scientific significance, are widely displayed in the fund.
  At the beginning of 1939, the library of the institute had 37,000 books, by the end of 1949 - 78,000, and now the book fund exceeds 350,000. In the early years, the library served only 200 students, including 105 students and 56 teachers, and is now used by more than 8,000 users.


Grigoriy Mixaylovich Semenov
Pasternak N.I.
Kechko Nina Efimovna
Kalantarov Mixail Efimovich
Melikov Bobojon
Alizade Larisa Nikolaevna
Fayzieva Xadicha Abduraimovna
Abduxamidova Elmira A'zamxonovna
Mansurova Dilshoda
Khudayberdieva Gavhar Ismoilovna - from 2018 till nowadays


 • Providing users with access to information and library resources;
 • Creating conditions to meet the intellectual, spiritual, moral, cultural and educational needs of users;
 • Assistance in the restoration and further development of national culture, preservation of historical, spiritual and cultural heritage of the people of Uzbekistan;
 • Ensuring the mutual use of information and library resources based on information and communication technologies.

  Markazning asosiy vazifalari quyidagilardan iborat:

• Providing users with access to information and library resources;

• Creating conditions to meet the intellectual, spiritual, moral, cultural and educational needs of users;

• Assistance in the restoration and further development of national culture, preservation of historical, spiritual and cultural heritage of the people of Uzbekistan;

• Ensuring the mutual use of information and library resources based on information and communication technologies.

  The services of the center are used by more than 9,000 users and the number of provided resources exceeds 500,000. IRC SamMI provides services to students, masters, clinical residents, cadets of qualified medical institutes, as well as specialists of relevant medical professions. The number of visits annually exceeds 200,000. Users will receive multimedia materials, including audio and video materials on anatomy, plastic surgery, cardiology, laboratory diagnostics, biology, physics, forensic chemistry, pediatric surgery, anesthesiology and resuscitation and other disciplines, as well as monographs, textbooks and manuals. Applications are provided.

  The needs and requirements of readers, professors, teachers, students, masters, clinical residents and medical staff are constantly being met. The Information Resource Center and e-library are software that allows readers to find the necessary literature, magazines, books and books in electronic form and in a constantly updated and reliable medical information, as well as the necessary information quickly and easily. fully enriched with data. The goal of creating e-learning is to improve the quality of medical education and the effectiveness of medical care. The electronic catalog contains monographs, textbooks, manuals, dissertations and theses of dissertations, works of scientists of SamMI, bibliographic records of medical periodicals. Today, the electronic library has more than 20,000 electronic copies. These include textbooks, monographs, manuals, lectures, curricula, atlases, encyclopedic materials, textbooks, magazine articles, works of art, and other publications.

  The Medical Library is in close contact with the medical libraries of the largest universities in the country - the State Scientific Medical Library of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the regional scientific and medical library. Scientific and medical libraries of the 1st Moscow Medical Institute I.M.Sechenev, 2nd Moscow Medical Institute N.I. Pirogov, I. Y. Gorbachevsky Ternopil National Medical University of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, TashMA, FarMI, AndMI, BuxMI and others.

Throughout its history, the library has received several honorary diplomas, took first place in the review of medical libraries organized by the Republican Organizing Committee, has a "First Class Diploma" of the Ministry of Culture. He was awarded diplomas from the Ministry of Higher Education, the Ministry of Health, the administration and the local committee for high results in the work of the library staff.


Mansurova Dilshoda Zokirovna

Hodasevich Svetlana

Fayziyeva Hadichara Abduraimovna

Erkulova Manzura Alikulovna

Xudayberdieva Gavhar Ismailovna

Kim Benna Vladimirovna

Bazarova Shohista Nizamovna

Maqsudova Bahora Sultanovna

Jabborqulova Nafisa Ishanqulovna

Ashurova Martaba Ashurovna

Ataeva Obida Sayfievna

Qanoatova Yulduz Boxodirovna

Tursunova Maxbuba Xolmirzayevna

Turdiyeva Mexriniso Abdusamatovna

Rashidova Sevara Ruziboy kizi chi

Ortiqova Maxbuba Xaytboyevna

Bobokulova Aziza Kurashboyevna

Sultanova Laylo Shamsiyevna

Pirmamedova Fotima Dilmuradovna

Najmiyeva Farangiz Faxriddinovna

Bazarova Charos Bobirovna

Zayniyeva Hafiza Furkatovna