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Head of the planning and financial office

Ganiyev Utkir Gulomiddinovich

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Tel: 66 233-27-50
Fax: (0366)233-71-75
Address: Samarkand, Amur Temur, 18

  Department of planning and finance

  Samarkand state medicine Implementation of the laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan, decrees and orders of the President, decisions of the Oliy Majlis and the Cabinet of Ministers in the field of finance, budget and education and training, the Law "On Education", the National Training program "," On improving the procedure for financing of budget organizations "and the implementation of the tasks specified in the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers and other laws and regulations in the financial sector, planning the costs of the institute for the financial period , to analyze economic indicators and implement other measures related to the financial sector.

  The main objective of the department

  The main purpose of the Department of Planning and Finance is to plan, organize and finance the activities of the institute..

  The head of the plan and finance department

  General management of all activities and staff of the department;

  Development of work plans of the department and ensuring their implementation;

  Coordinating the activities of the responsible joints in the institute based on the purpose of the department;

  Laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Education, Presidential Decrees, Orders, Resolutions, Resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers, Resolutions of the Board of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Ministries of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan, to ensure and monitor the execution of orders, letters of instruction, modemograms and telephonograms, as well as rector's orders in conjunction with the faculties, departments, divisions;
  Preparation of draft cost estimates for the new fiscal year;
  Analyze salaries, stipends and other equivalent payments;

  Development of the structure of the institute on the basis of state standards;

  Staffing of administrative and managerial, economic, teaching and teaching staff, implementation of tariffs;

  Conducting economic analysis of the financial situation in all areas of the Institute;

  Calculate the cost of additional education services;

  Analyze the implementation and expediency of payments for other expenses of Group 4, provided for in the cost estimates;

  Development and submission to the management of projects on the distribution of funds of the Material Incentive Fund;

  Analyze the distribution of hours in the departments to determine the workload of the faculty;

  Establish cooperation with the accounting department and other departments of the institute to ensure the correct and efficient use of funds allocated to the institution;
  Timely execution of orders of the rector, decisions of the Council of the institute;

Alikulov Elmurod Shovkiddin oglu

  Class 1 economist of the plan and finance department Positions

  Collection and analysis of information necessary for the preparation of all financial estimates of the Institute;

  Analysis of budget and extra-budgetary expenditures by items;

  Control over the proper use of the funds specified in the budget for their intended purpose, to avoid unnecessary or excessive costs;

  Submission of information on vacancies in the Institute to the Personnel Department of the Institute by the 30th of each month;

  Monitor the number of states by recording personnel recruitment and dismissal orders in a timely manner;

  Preparation and submission of appropriate quarterly and annual reporting forms to the Statistics Department;

  By the 30th of each month to receive written tables for employees working in all departments and deans of the institute and ensure its submission to the Accounting Department of the institute;

  Perform various other tasks related to the activities of the department.

  Preparation of scheduled reports;