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    Payarik Medical College.

    Payazov Sherali Nematovich

    Director of Payarik Medical college

    Time of receipt:

    Saturday, Thursday: 14:00-17:00


    +998 (66) 425 26 55

    Adress: Samarkand region, Payarik city, Samarkand street 42.


      Payarik Medical College was established by reconstructing on the basis of the special boarding school, adapted for in-depth teaching of the Russian language named after M.V.Lamonosov in 2007. On September 6, 2019, by the decree of the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan PF-5812, the transition to a professional education system was re-organized with the status of Payarik Medical College.Address of college is Payarik City, Samarkand Street 42. There are Cadastral documents that give ownership.

      Payarik Medical College has 5 buildings and 3 academic Corps, the educational institution has a capacity of 735 projects, now the state of use is good, the number of theoretical and practical classrooms are 38.


      One of the main activities of the college is to develop moral values in students, to be useful (interested) in their professional activities, to form the necessary need for a healthy lifestyle, to involve them in the mass - cultural activities of the college. To carry out these tasks, a board of coaches is working at the College, which carry out their activities according to the approved plan. In order to organize students free time in a meaningful way and to develop their interest to the science, various science course, spiritual and educational courses and sports club were organized.


      In college, teaching processes are carried out for each course and department on the following approved documents:

      - State educational standard;

      - Sample curriculum;

      - Working training program;

      - Educational technologies include:

      - modern educational technologies (graphic organisers, keys technology and Projekt method).

      There are three Departments in our college and all of them are ruled by qualified teachers.The head of the Department “Specialty Sciences”has the category of head teacher, the head of the Department of “Specialty Sciences-1 has the category of senior teacher, and the head of the Department of General Sciences " has the category of senior teachers.

      Participation in scientific and practical conferences in cooperation with Samarkand State Medical University was ensured and good results were achieved in them.

      In the College, in favor of modern teaching methods using ICT, a TV for 6 rooms there are computers in 9 study classrooms, and 2 computer classrooms are organized, in which 30 computers with they are all connected to a fiberglass internet network. It regularly uses ICT resources in teaching processes and alsostudents can use them after classes. In the process of training, there are the following technical supports:

      The college has established a telecommunications system, and subject-specific videos, presentations, multimedia programs, lectures and practical classes are broadcast using televisions connected to a central computer. There is a single Bank of scanned images designed for visual didactic materials in collections of teaching materials compiled according to the curriculum and corresponding to all sections of the curriculum.

      The college'sIRC library is also equipped with 6 computers, connected to the internet. These computers are connected to the Virtual Library of Samarkand State Medical University. Our teachers and students can always use these computers willingly.


      Scientific society was established in college, in order to improve students’ scientific interest in the field of health. Also, teachers work with their students in traditional way which called “Teacher-student” (“ustoz- shogird”) Various events have been organized on this board. At present, students of our college actively participate in various competitions in the district and the region.In the competitions "Zakovat" the team of our college took first place in the region. Two active students of the College participated in the International Olympiad at Samarkand Medical University and were awarded a diploma and received a scholarship. As winners they have been receiving the scholarship of the rector Samarkand State University.

      Nowadays, cooperation between our college and the Samarkand State Medical University is organized well. So, in cooperation with the scientific and practical work, gives effective results, including active participation in the 76th international scientific-practical conference “Fundamental,applied medicine and pharmaceutical achievements ” held on may 20-21, 2022, held at the Savarkand Medical University.