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Doctor's Herald

General information

  Doctor’s Herald – the scientific and practical magazine intended for health workers of various specialities.
  On pages of the Doctor’s Herald magazine relevant materials on problems of various fields of clinical and preventive medicine, medicobiological and pharmaceutical sciences are published that allows practical doctors to get acquainted with the last achievements in the field of medicine.
  ISSN 2079-701X (Print)
  Founded in 1997 by doctor of medical sciences J.A. Akhtamov
  Frequency: 4 issues per year
  Founder of the magazine: Samarkand State Medical Institute.
  The journal is included in the list approved by order No. 01-07 / 1853 of December 5, 2017 by the registry of the Higher Attestation Commission of Uzbekistan in the section of medical sciences.
  The magazine was re-registered with the Office of the Press and Information of the Samarkand Region No. 09-35 of 07/01/2016.