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Mission and vision of the future

  The mission of Samarkand State Medical University is aimed at serving society through training competitive specialists in the field of public health, improving health care based on the integration of advanced educational, scientific and medical technologies.

  Vision of the future:

An innovative university, continuously developing on the principles of the academic system of health and science, which brings together the efforts of professionals, inspired by a common mission, sharing common values, to generate, transfer and use knowledge about health and for the sake of public health.


- People (society, patients, students, employees)

- Professionalism (in science, education, treatment process, management)

- Openness (openness to society; openness to new things; openness of the decision-making process)

- Traditions (preserving advanced traditions, we create innovations in medical science, practice and education)

- Team approach (involvement in the work and process of preparing decisions of all interested parties, including students, master's students, doctoral students, residents).