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The rector

Rizayev Jasur Alimdjanovich

Doctor of medical sciences, Professor

Office hours:
Phone: +998 (66) 233-07-66
Fax: +998 (66) 233-71-75
Address: Samarkand, st. Amir Temur, 18

  After successful graduation from the First Tashkent State Medical Institute in 1996 Rizayev Jasur Alimdjanovich passed residency on "Dentistry" specialty.

  From 1997 to 2007 he worked at the Department of "Therapeutic Dentistry" as a laboratory worker, assistant and associate professor of the department and acquired skills in treatment of patients in the period of work.

  During his career, he showed that he was disciplined, hard working physician, eager for knowledge, innovation, and was highly respected among patients and staff. Taking into account his organizational skills, in 2007 the administration of the clinic appointed him on the position of the chief physician assistant of the 3rd clinic of Tashkent Medical Academy. Since 2009 he was the Head of the Uchtepa District Health Department. In 2011 he was appointed as the chief doctor of the 3rd TMA clinic by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and from August 26, 2016 he was appointed as rector of the Tashkent State Institute Dentistry.

  Rizayev Jasur Alimdjanovich is not only a good doctor, but also an experienced mentor. In his work, he systematically teaches students applying his knowledge and skills. J.A. Rizayev often improved his qualification in foreign countries, including France, Italy, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, Linghanstein, Korea, and Japan. At the same time, Rizayev Jasur Alimdjanovich is a competent specialist who carries out deep scientific research. In 2006, after defending his PhD thesis on “Clinical and functional indices of periodontitis and treatment features,” in 2015 he defended his doctoral dissertation on “Development of a concept and program for the prevention of periodontal disease in the population of Uzbekistan based on comprehensive social and hygienic studies.” Articles written on the basis of his research work have been published in conference collections having places in the USA, Korea, Japan, Russia and Kazakhstan.

  By order of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan under No. 455 by November 6, 2013 J.A.Rizayev was awarded with the chest badge “Excellent specialist in Healthcare of the Republic of Uzbekistan”, he was also awarded with the chest badges “20th Anniversary of Independence”, “25th Anniversary of Independence”.

  In recent years, he is one of the hardworking, competent organizer, as well as a person being responsible for the development of the Tashkent State Institute of Dentistry. During his career at the institute, a number of activities were performed, such as organization of a modern simulation center equipped with 3D simulators, including Virteasy Dental stimulants, which are unique in the countries of Central Asia and meet the requirements of the world standard of education. Starting from the academic year 2017/2018 in all faculty courses, some clinical subjects are taught in English. Such modern opportunities are an important step in the training of qualified personnel, the widespread introduction of the best practices of world medicine in dentistry and in promotion of dental services to a new higher level. Over the years, a memorandum of cooperation has been signed with less than 75 prestigious universities and companies in foreign countries. In the framework of cooperation, starting from the academic year 2018/2019, two joint faculties of biomedical engineering and dentistry were organized at the Tashkent State Institute of Dentistry, based on two joint educational programs with the University of Turin of Italy and the Moscow State Medical University of Dentistry. In addition, in 2019/2020, four additional undergraduate programs were introduced - Clinical Psychology with the Orenburg State Medical University, Higher Nursing with the Ternopol National Medical University named after I.Y. Gorbachevsky and Medical management with the Privolzhsk Scientific Research Medical University. In addition, 4 new master's directions were opened with the Belarusian State Medical University, as well as a clinical residency in the field of Dermatovenerology with the Russian University of Friendship of Peoples. At the same time, joint educational programs were developed with higher educational institutions of Finland, Russia, Belarus Republic and other foreign countries in a number of specialties in the field of magistracy and clinical residency. In the 2018-2019 academic year, as a result of international cooperation, more than 100 teachers and students received higher qualification abroad. On October 21-22, 2019, the X International Students’ Olympiad “Dentistry-South 2019” was held, in which students from 18 leading medical universities of Uzbekistan, Russia and Kazakhstan took part.

  Under the leadership of J.A.Rizayev in 2019, the Tashkent State Institute of Dentistry according to the rating, which was accredited and certified by the State Inspectorate for Education Quality Control under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, was awarded by the first place among all medical universities and won the 8th place among ten best universities in our country.

  Since 2018, J.A. Rizayev is a chairman of the Academic Council for Academic Degrees. Under his leadership in the Council, 51 theses was defended, of which 18 doctors of medical sciences (DSc) and 33 doctors of philosophical sciences of medicine (PHD).

Under the scientific supervision of J.A. Rizayev, dissertations were defended: 3 doctoral and 7 doctors of philosophy.

During the period of his activity, Rizayev Jasur Alimdjanovich is constantly working on himself, systematically improving his skills. He is strict to himself and the others, clearly defines goals and tasks, ensures their timely implementation, specifically defines tasks for employees, demonstrates the initiative and creativity in solving various problems, he creates a healthy atmosphere in society, all these features show the strongest sides of his characteristics.

  Rizayev Jasur Alimdjanovich is also a member of the American Dental Association, the European Association of Cardiology and the Council of the Dental Association of the CIS countries.

  He is married and has 2 children.