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Head of internal control and monitoring

Islomov Eldor Tolmasovich

Office hours: Monday to Saturday, 8 am to 10 am;
Telephone: (0366)-233-17-57; +99890 227 49 42
Fax: (0366)233-71-75
Address: 18, Amir Temur street, Samarkand

The main objectives and activities of the Internal Control and Monitoring Department:

  The Department of internal control and monitoring SamSMU carries out its activities in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Laws "On Education", decrees, resolutions and orders of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, decrees, orders of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, regulations on record keeping in SamSMU", (order of the Rector of the Institute No. 41-U of January 10, 2017), and "On the order of case management of citizens and legal entities in Samarkand

  The activities of the department also include the tasks and orders specified in the "Regulations on the organization of work with records management, monitoring and the state of executive discipline in ministries, public institutions, economic associations and their structural and regional subdivisions" of August 30, 2009.

  The Department of Internal Control and Monitoring of SamSMU reports directly to the Rector of the University and exercises control over the activities of faculties, departments and other structural subdivisions of the University in the following areas:

1). educational and methodological work;

2). educational work;

3). research work;

4). spiritual-educational work;

5). executive discipline and conducting of proper control;

6). professional development and training;

7). supervision of decisions and orders of the Rector, collegial bodies of the University, and decisions of the Councils for control of execution of orders;

8). monitoring and ensuring a correct and careful determination of the budget and non-budgetary funds expenditures;

9). examination of material and technical basis of the structural subdivisions of the University and making respective proposals;

10). assuring timely execution of Directive and other documents.

The following tasks are carried out according to the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "About education", Resolutions and orders of higher organizations, decisions of Board, orders, instructions, letters, modem programs of Ministries of Higher and Secondary special education and public health services and the general control of execution of telegrams, and also decisions and orders of Academic council of university and faculties:

Provide practical and methodical assistance in organizing the monitoring of educational standards;

To create and regulate the database of the state and development of education;

To make proposals to the ministries and departments to reform the education system;

To ensure the implementation of decisions and orders aimed at the application of the ASKID system in production;

To provide practical and methodical assistance in eliminating the identified shortcomings in the activities of structural units;

to use the rating method in evaluating the work of teachers;

provide the management of the institute with conclusions and recommendations for the elimination of deficiencies identified as a result of the study of the activities of structural subdivisions;

to control the registration and execution of complaints and appeals of physical and legal persons by the responsible persons.

  The Department of Internal Control and Monitoring was originally established in 1997, providing a supervisory inspection function. Erkin Shodiev was the head of the department. In 2002 the position of Vice-Rector for Supervision and Verification was established with Professor Abdurakhmon Mamatkulovich Mamadaliyev. The department of internal control and monitoring was reorganized in 2005. The heads of the department were Associate Professor Abdufatto Abdumalonovich Abdusalomov, Associate Professor Kudrat Aimatov, Professor Kudrat Askarov, Associate Professor Firdavs Suratovich Aripov, Associate Professor Yakhshinar Norbobaevich Ulyarov, Ganiev Utkir Gulomiddinovich. Islamov Eldor Tolmasovich was appointed head of the department since February 1, 2021. Since 2022 Israilova Zuhra Sadridinovna worked as a chief specialist, and Saidavetov Asomiddin Melievich as an inspector of the department. Since May 12, 2022 the department was renamed "Department for Work with Appeals of Physical and Legal Persons, Control and Monitoring".