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Defense of master's dissertations in SSMU

According to the Regulations of the magistracy, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of March 2, 2015. №36, and in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan "on education"And"On the National Program for Personnel Training" Decree President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated July 24, 2012 № UP-4456 "On further improvement of the system of training and certification of scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel" decree Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan from September 10, 2007 № 190 "On Measures for Further Improvement and Increasing the Effectiveness of the Activities of the Magistracy in the Higher Education System of the Republic of Uzbekistan” and in order to increase the efficiency of training masters in higher educational institutions:
  Preliminary defense of masters dissertations is organized in the presence of a supervisor (scientific advisor) at a commission created at the department.
  On preliminary defense may be invited experts from other departments, as well as from other organizations.
  If there is a scientific consultant before the preliminary defense is required his conclusion by the master's dissertation..
  Before preliminary defense master's student must have an internal and external review and a review of the supervisor, as well as at least two scientific articles or thesis on the dissertation topic.
  The results of preliminary defense are drawn up by the protocol of the departments.
  Internal and external reviewers are offered by the corresponding department of a higher educational institution and their list is approved by the vice-rector (deputy director) for scientific work.
  The duties of the reviewer include:
 • presentation of a conclusion on the relevance, scientific novelty and completeness of a master's dissertation;
 • submission of a review at least 3 days before the preliminary defense;
 • indication in the review, in case of detection, of violations of the rules of professional ethics (plagiarism, falsification of data, statement of false quotes and others).
  In cases of non-compliance of the master's dissertation with the established requirements, identification of violations by the master's student the rules of professional ethics (plagiarism, falsification of data, as well as false quotes and others), as well as the impossibility of correcting them as soon as possible, the reviewer gives the conclusion that it is inappropriate to allow the master's dissertation to be defended.
  The date of the official defense of the master's dissertation is determined on the basis of a schedule approved by order of the rector (director) of a higher educational institution.
  The official defense of the master's dissertation is carried out by the State Final Attestation Commission of a higher educational institution (hereinafter - the Commission).
  The official defense of the master's dissertation of a student of magistracy should be accompanied by presentation materials and should not exceed 20 minutes
  At the official defense, members of the Commission evaluate a student of magistracy according to the following criteria:
 • ability to disclose the relevance of the research topic of the master's dissertation and its relationship with practice;
 • independent approach of a student of magistracy to research and problem solving;
 • the complexity and depth of the critical analysis of the used scientific literature, scientific publications, legal acts, statistical data, as well as literature in foreign languages;
 • обоснованность применения методов исследования в практике;
 • the practical importance of the recommendations developed on the basis of the getting results;
 • the ability of a student of magistracy to predict the prospects for the development of research and the results obtained in the framework of the master's dissertation;
 • the ability to trace the logical relationship of materials in the theoretical and practical parts of the master's dissertation.
  Upon receipt of an “unsatisfactory” mark or in the inadmissibility of a master's dissertation to official defense, a student of magistracy has the right to re-defense over the next 3 years.
  The results of the official defense of master's dissertation are discussed at the Academic Council of a higher educational institution.
  Defensed master's dissertation are stored for 3 years in a higher educational institution.

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