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Research institute of rehabilitation and sports medicine at samarkand state medical university

Botirov Farkhod Kadyrovich Director of the Research Institute of Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine, Samarkand State Medical University

Reception hours:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 10:00 to 17:00.
Phone: +998 (93) 345 00 59

MFU Urtashik, Samarkand district, Samarkand region.


  The Research Institute of Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine of Samarkand State Medical University was created on the basis of the decision of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated April 1, 2022 No. PQ-188.Today the charter of the institute has been developed and approved. The center has passed state registration in the prescribed manner. The structure of the center was formulated and approved. Center address: MFU Urtashik, Samarkand district, Samarkand region.

  Activities to train highly qualified scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel in the center

  Currently, 2 candidates of science and 3 doctors (of which 2 have a qualification category) are effectively working at the institute. 1 candidate conducts independent scientific research at the institute.

(full name, subject, specialty code, name)

Botirov Farkhod Kadyrovich

“Preservation and management of public health”


"Medical rehabilitation"


Publishing activities of the center

  Guidelines have been developed that determine the effectiveness of the institute’s activities, 4 manuals have been published by independent researchers, their articles are published in prestigious journals. Over the past 2 years, more than 10 data have been published in journals and more than 20 scientific articles have been published.

Activities of the Institute staff in participation in scientific conferences

  Systematic participation of workers in conferences, symposiums and seminars held in the republic is not ensured. Participation of institute employees in conferences with reports is ensured

Activities of the Institute in the field of treatment and prevention

  The institute develops modern diagnostic methods and treatment of neurological, traumatological diseases and is carried out a lot of work to implement them in practice. Institute staff provide high-quality specialized medical care, visiting the Samarkand region and regions of the republic.

The main goals, objectives and functions of the institute are:

  • formation of high-tech material and scientific base, as well as a school in this area, designed to provide highly qualified and high-quality specialized medical care in accordance with modern international requirements.
  • meeting the needs of the population for highly qualified specialized medical care for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases in their specialty..

The main goals, objectives and functions of the center are:

  • formation of a high-tech material and scientific base, and also schools in this area, designed to provide highly qualified and high-quality specialized medical care in accordance with modern international requirements;
  •  Satisfying the population's needs for quality specialized medical care in the area healthcare and management, diagnosis, treatment and disease prevention in the field of medical rehabilitation.

The main objectives of the center are the following:

  • provision of high-quality specialized medical care assistance to the population in the areas of public health care and management, medical rehabilitation, which created the Center on the basis of a presidential decree Republic of Uzbekistan dated July 28, 2021. Operates on the basis procedure and mechanism for financing republican specialized medical scientific and practical centers, established by decision PQ-5199 “On measures for further improvement of the specialized medical system assistance in the field of health care";
  • ensure constant updating and modernization of existing medical equipment park, center
  • Equipping with modern medical equipment to provide high-quality specialized medical care in in accordance with modern international requirements healthcare and management in medical specialties rehabilitation;
  • Organization of management and marketing activities for attracting financial, material and technical resources for ensuring the activities of the center;
  • Constantly improve and improve professional level of medical personnel of the center, including organization internships for specialists in leading foreign medical educational institutions and clinics for diagnosing diseases and modern methods of their treatment;
  • Conduct scientific research aimed at developing advanced methods and technologies for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases in health care and management, specialties of medical rehabilitation and implementation in medical practice;
  • Continuous improvement of proprietary proprietary methods and technologies for treating and diagnosing diseases in the field healthcare and management, medical specialties rehabilitation and achieving their recognition at the international level;
  • Active participation in the development and implementation of republican targeted programs for health care specialties and management, medical rehabilitation;
  • Expand and strengthen international cooperation with leading foreign medical institutions in the region healthcare and management, medical rehabilitation, ensure a wide exchange of accumulated experience, information and specialists;
  • Organizational and methodological management of regional specialized medical organizations, implementation in their practice of modern methods and technologies of medical care, assistance in carrying out the necessary preventive work in regions, regular on-site consultations, master classes.