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Specialized Scientific and Practical Center for Neurosurgery and Neurorehabilitation at Samarkand State Medical University

Aliyev Mansur Abdukholikovich PhD, associate professor, Specializes in neurosurgery and neurorehabilitation director of the scientific and practical center, Head of the Department of Neurosurgery Director of the specialized scientific and practical center for Neurosurgery and Neurorehabilitation at Samarkand State Medical University

Reception hours
Monday to Saturday 10:00-17:00
+998 (91) 523 06 20
Manzil: Samarkand region, Okdarya district, Pulatdarkhon mahalla


  Concept of organization and development of activities of a specialized scientific and practical center for neurosurgery and neurorehabilitation (hereinafter referred to as the Center) at Samarkand State Medical University (hereinafter referred to as the Concept) of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated April 1 In order to ensure timely execution of the part concerning the Center, decision PQ-188 was developed Resolution of 2022 “On the establishment of Samarkand State Medical University and further improvement of the local personnel training system.”

Activities to train highly qualified scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel in the center

  Currently, the Center effectively employs 3 doctors of science, 1 doctor of philosophy (PhD) of medical sciences and 7 neurosurgeons. In order to increase the scientific potential of the center, cooperation between Doctors of Philosophy (PhD) and Doctors of Science (DS) has been established with leading higher education institutions in Russia, Japan, Germany and Turkey. Under the scientific guidance of the center’s staff, 1 Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) of medical sciences was prepared.

Publishing activities of the center

  Publication activity is the most important indicator that determines the effectiveness of scientific activity. During the activity of the center, scientific staff published 6 monographs, 3 training manuals, more than 10 methodological instructions, and their articles were published in prestigious journals. Over the past 2 years, more than 10 journals have been indexed in the Web of Science and Scopus databases, and more than 50 scientific articles have been published in journals recognized by the VAK.

International cooperation and implementation of scientific projects in the center

  Today the Center has close cooperation with a number of foreign organizations. Professors, teachers and researchers from leading republican and foreign research institutes and higher educational institutions actively participate in the research work of the center. Joint scientific projects are being implemented with scientists from universities in Russia, Japan, Germany and Turkey on the topics “Development of epilepsy surgery and functional neurosurgery”, “Development of endovascular neurosurgery”

Activities of the center’s employees in participation in scientific conferences

  The systematic participation of scientific staff in international conferences, symposiums and seminars held in foreign countries is ensured. The center's staff regularly participates in lectures at prestigious scientific conferences in foreign countries (Russia, Turkey, Germany, USA).

Activities of the center in the field of treatment and prevention

  The center is developing modern methods for diagnosing and treating diseases associated with the immune system, and is conducting extensive work on their implementation. The center’s staff provides highly qualified specialized medical care during trips to the Samarkand region and regions of the republic. “Epilepsy Surgery” and “Parkinson’s Surgery” were launched for the first time in our country with the participation of specialists from Russia and Turkey.

The main goals, objectives and functions of the center are:

  1. Formation in the center of a team of leading specialist personnel capable of carrying out modern activities in various fields of neurosurgery and neurorehabilitation;

  1.1 Specialists in the field of neuro-oncology, neurotraumatology, vertebrospinal surgery, functional neurosurgery, pediatric neurosurgery, angioneurosurgery, radioneurosurgery and neuroradiology, neuroreanimation and anesthesiology, neurorehabilitation work in the departments of neurosurgery, neurology, resuscitation and anesthesiology, sports medicine, radiation diagnostics and radiation therapy Samarkand skaya region Medical university faculty, doctoral students, master's students, clinical residents, undergraduate students, and will be selected from among the leading employees of existing neurosurgical and neurorehabilitation institutions in the Samarkand region.

  1.2 Training of specialists in the areas is carried out in leading centers of the Republic and abroad through targeted internships, advanced training, specialty training and retraining.

  1.3 A roadmap of the specialist’s personal work plans and activities to develop the field that need to be prepared in each area will be drawn up, and based on this plan, activities will be implemented.

  2. Equipping 180-bed departments dealing with various areas of neurosurgery and neurorehabilitation in the center and operating rooms adapted for these areas with the world’s most modern devices, equipment and instruments;

  2.1 Organization of operating rooms adapted for neuro-oncology, vertebrospinal neurosurgery, pediatric neurosurgery, functional and epileptic surgery, angioneurosurgery, neurotraumatology and equipment of the center. Including the center is equipped with a modern neurosurgical microscope, neuroendoscope, neuroexoscope, binocular loupe, trephine equipment (electrotrephine, pneumotrephine), neuronavigation systems (spinal, cranial), intraoperative MRI, MSCT, X-ray machines, ultrasonic aspirators, neurophysiological devices, angiographs, electrofrequency machines ablations, surgical kits (macroneurosurgical and microneurosurgical) for cranial and spinal operations..

  2.2 Organization and equipment of the neuroradiological unit, in which the unit will be equipped with modern stereotactic radiosurgical devices, including Gamma Knife, Cyber Knife, Novalis, PET, MRI, Angiograph, MSCT devices, as well as training of specialists through internships and advanced training. training courses from local specialists.

  2.3 Organization and equipment of the neurorehabilitation unit, including equipment for the rehabilitation of neurological deficits in children, post-traumatic, cerebrovascular accidents, post-inflammatory diseases (exoskeletons, brain-computer interface devices, equipment for spinal rehabilitation, etc.). give. Formation of a team of psychiatrists and psychotherapists providing mental rehabilitation.

  3. Introduction in the center of diagnostic, surgical and conservative methods of treatment and rehabilitation based on advanced world experience in the field of neurosurgery and neurorehabilitation;

  3.1. Systematically attracting leading specialists in their field from leading foreign scientific and practical centers to the center and conducting master classes.

  3.2. Ensuring the participation of center specialists in congresses, conferences and seminars held around the world.

  4. Organization of research laboratories in neuroanatomy, neurological sciences, neuro-oncology, pathological anatomy, similar to the research laboratories of the leading neurosurgical and neurorehabilitation centers in the world;

  4.1. Determine the features of neurosurgical and neurological diseases found among the population of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and the most relevant, advanced technological directions in the world, when determining the work and target areas of laboratories.