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Student dormitories

  Samarkant State Medical University owns 4 dormitories for 1300 students. Parti cularly, Student dormitory No. 1 at 37 Dagbitskaya Street, Student dormitory No. 2 at 41 Dagbitskaya Street, Student dormitory No. 3 and Student dormitory No. 4 at 31 and 31/A G. Jamshid Street.

  These hostels have all conditions for comfortable accommodation of local and international (Korea, India, Pakistan) students of the University.

  Branches of the university library are opened in all dormitories and more than 3000 items of relevant literature are replenished. All students living in the dormitories have a subscription to use these libraries.

  To improve students' living conditions and cultural leisure there are refrigerators and TV sets on every floor, additionally all rooms are furnished with new furniture.

  There is a common laundry facility in the University student dormitory No.1 and a modern heating system is installed to provide warmth to the dormitories during the cold season. There are showers and laundry rooms for students on all the floors. Modern washing machines and gas cookers are installed on every floor.

  It should be noted that there are modern computer rooms with Wi-Fi and Internet access in all dormitories. Every dormitory have “Rooms of Spirituality”, which are equipped with appropriate equipment and visual aids, so that students can meaningfully use the extracurricular time and conduct spiritual and educational activities.

  The Spirituality and Education Department of the University, the primary organization of the Youth Union of Uzbekistan, the Women's Advisory Council, faculties and departments regularly hold various events and round tables on various topics in the Spirituality Rooms of the dormitories.