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Simulation center


    The development of modern medicine in the Republic of Uzbekistan requires constant renewal and improvement. In every medical field, it is important to learn all the knowledge in practice during training. In order to prepare a real specialist doctor, it is important that during his studies he has the opportunity to solve everyday tasks or problems on patients. That is why a simulation center was created for this at the Samarkand State Medical University.

    The need to create such a center, which will become an environment for acquiring the practical skills of future doctors, arose as a result of the needs of modern medicine and directly themselves. Simulation technology has become the best resource that allows doctors or nurses to acquire all the necessary skills and abilities. This is a wonderful experience that will allow you to avoid many mistakes in the future, and will also guarantee the result of medical care.

    It is in the Center for Simulation Medicine that one can meet the embodiment of the best European technologies. For their introduction, not only the purchase of instruments was organized, but also the training of teachers. The center has 20 simulation rooms, computer rooms, a cloakroom and a control unit. Below are the rooms by discipline:

    In any field, it is important to apply knowledge in practice when learning. This is the so-called "vaccination" against future mistakes. In particular, in medicine, this is very important, because we are talking about human life and health. A modern and innovative solution to this problem is the introduction of technologies into the educational process that allowed students to practice without the risk of harming a person. This is a new direction in the system of training highly qualified specialists, which solves a number of problems and is the best way for young students to gain invaluable experience.

    The Center for Simulation Medicine and Innovative Technologies is not only a unique introduction, it is a multidisciplinary environment for students, which makes it possible to simulate simulation processes in such areas of medicine as: obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, anesthesiology, resuscitation, surgery and internal medicine, neurosurgery, ophthalmology , otorhinolaryngology, dentistry and others.    For the implementation of the center, modern devices were purchased, robots-simulators of adults, newborns, mannequins that simulate the process of childbirth, patient simulators in gynecology, mannequins that allow you to master skills during emergency situations and evacuation; robots for resuscitation interventions, for injections, for improving auscultation skills, baby care dummies, manikins for diagnosing ENT diseases, manikins for diagnosing ophthalmic diseases, functional diagnostic devices (ultrasound, endoscopy, ENT combine), dental simulators, etc. All accessories and robots make it possible to reproduce various situations that occur in the practice of doctors. This makes it possible to assess the skills and knowledge of students, the sequence of their actions, provide new skills, as well as improve teamwork and medical tactics. All simulators work in such a way that it is difficult to distinguish them from real situations with patients. Also, for the arrangement of the center, various medical equipment and special furniture were purchased, which are necessary in patient care and in all medical procedures.    Before allowing students to use the simulators, specialists conduct trainings that introduce them to the features of the devices. To create more realistic situations, actors are also invited to the practical classes, which create an excellent environment for improving communication skills and contact with patients