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Vice-Rector for Finance and Economic Affairs

Gairat Abdumurodovich Elmurodov

Duties of the Vice-Rector for Finance and Economic Affairs:

• Organization of the implementation of legislation, presidential decrees and orders and decisions of the Oliy Majlis and Cabinet of Ministers concerning education and vocational training, in particular, Presidential Decree No. PD-60 of 28 January 2022 on the New Uzbekistan Development Strategy for 2022-2026 ;

- Organization of execution of orders, instructions and directives of superior bodies, decisions of Academic Council of SamSMU on financial and economic processes and orders and directives of the Rector;

- Preparation of proposals and organisation of work in the sphere of activity;

- Coordination, organisation and control of the work of academic units, deans, ensuring the financial process;

- Elaboration of proposals on the staff schedule of financial-economic personnel, organization of work on providing departments, divisions with qualified personnel;

- Supervision of the development and implementation of hiring, retraining and training plans for financial and economic vacancies;

- Develop rational use of classrooms, improve technical equipment of classrooms and laboratories;

- Taking measures against staff members who violate performance discipline, preparing a proposal for termination of contract with them;

- Regular financial and economic cooperation with higher education institutions, interaction with local authorities;

- Regular internal certification of SamSMU in accordance with established procedure, active participation in preparation and carrying out external certification;

- Management and coordination of financial, economic and business activities of SamSMU;

- Management and coordination of planning and financial, accounting, economic and other departments attached on the basis of Rector's order;

- Organisation, management and coordination of construction, repair and landscaping works;

- Expansion of extra-budgetary funds attraction through creation of additional paid services (publishing, household services, paid training courses, rent, sponsorship, dividends, etc.), as well as development within the framework of existing material and technical base of SamSMU of proposals on financial incentives for teachers and staff;

- Organising the formation of extra-budgetary funds and other special extra-budgetary funds through student tuition fees on a contractual basis;

- Ensuring registration of estimates of revenues and expenditures of money received from tuition fees and earned on entrepreneurial basis from relevant ministries;

- Control over the implementation of the estimate, financial and economic activities and accounting of currency transactions of SamSMU;

• Development and implementation of measures on preparation of academic laboratories, student dormitories and other auxiliary buildings and facilities of SamSMU for the autumn-winter season and the new academic year;

- Constant research of state of material and technical base of SamSMU in conditions of liberalised economy, elaboration and control of implementation of measures on its development;

- Organisation of measures on attracting investments to SamSMU, consideration of design and estimate documentation on reconstruction and overhaul of existing buildings and constructions, conclusion of contracts, acceptance of completed works and quality control;

- Organisation of control over observance of personnel, budget and accounting discipline, accounting and reporting;

- Development and implementation of measures for rational and economical use of budgetary and extra-budgetary funds, as well as utilities;

- Development and implementation of measures to improve remuneration of the teaching staff and employees of SamSMU, development of accounting and reporting;

- Ensurance of timely payment of salaries and student stipends to the teaching staff and employees of SamSMU;

- Control over payment of tuition fees for students studying on a fee basis;

- Organisation, management and coordination of construction and repair works, ensuring execution of plan of ferrous and non-ferrous metal waste removal;

- Developing and implementing an emergency and occupational safety and health plan for students and staff;

- Ensuring sustainability of the institute buildings, equipping them with fire-fighting equipment, maintaining sanitary and hygienic conditions at the required level;

- Planning and maintenance of student canteens, cafeterias, sports complexes, medical centres, as well as continuous provision of students with accommodation needs;

- Creating modern classrooms and labs with all the facilities for teachers to deliver lectures and practical classes to the students;

- Conscientious performance of official duties.