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University statute


1. General Situations

  1. The Students’ Scientific Society ( i.e.SSS) of the Samarkand State Medical Institute (SamMI) is a voluntary association of SamMI students engaged in research work created on the basis of general interests.
  2. SSS is an independent structural subdivision of SamMI, acts in accordance with the regulations of SamMI and present ones.
  3. SSS is not a legal entity and cannot enter into civil legal relations on its own behalf, cannot acquire property and non-property rights, does not have the right to own property.
  4. SSS builds its work in close collaboration with the administration of SamMI.
  5. SSS carries out its activities on the basis of self-government.
  6. The necessary material costs associated with the activity of SSS are carried out at the expense of Sammi, within the budget of the institute.
  7. T is no system of membership fees in the SSS of Sammi.

2. Goals and objectives of SSS of SamMI

  1. Promoting the improvement of the quality of training of specialists and mastering of students’ knowledge through modern achievements of medical science.
  2. Inculcating sustainable skills of independent research work to students.
  3. Assistance in deeper study and consolidation of educational material.
  4. Attracting of initiative students to work in scientific societies.
  5. The organization of active participation of students in scientific conferences, reviews, competitions of scientific student work.
  6. Development of students' creative thinking and approach to solving of practical problems.
  7. Expansion of the theoretical horizons and scientific erudition of a future specialist.
  8. Education of requirements and abilities to constant improvement of their knowledge.
  9. Increaseof theoretical level and practical importance of research work carried out by students.
  10. Promoting the publication and putting into practice the results of scientific students’ work.
  11. Distribution among medical students of the moral principles of the doctor.
  12. Expanding of international students’ communications, establishing of contacts with medical universities of the CIS countries, as well as foreign countries for exchange of delegations and joint activities.
  13. The revival and approval of the cultural traditions of students.

3. Methods for accomplishing of regulatory goals.

  1. Coordination of students’ scientific societies within the Chairs.
  2. Organization of annual students’ scientific conferences.
  3. Organization of annual students’ research competitions.
  4. Participation in the annual republican competitions of students’ research papers.
  5. Coordination and exchange of experience with medical universities of the CIS countries, as well as foreign countries.
  6. Collection, accumulation of scientific and practical information and presentation to interested persons.
  7. Creation and support of the Internet-server to SSS of SamMI.