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The Multidisciplinary Clinic (1st clinic) of SamSMU


  The Multidisciplinary Clinic (1st clinic) of SamSMU is one of the first large, multidisciplinary hospitals to be built in Central Asia. Its construction was begun in 1926 according to most advanced projects of that time and later in 1929 it commenced its activities under the name "Republican Hospital", because Samarkand was the capital of Uzbekistan at that time. In 1930, due to the opening of the Uzbek State Medical Institute in Samarkand, the Republican Hospital was transferred to the Institute and received the status of a clinic.

  The multidisciplinary clinic (1st clinic) of SamSMU, as an integral part of the University, performs the function of the main educational and scientific-treatment base for training of medical personnel. During the years of independence, the activity of the clinic underwent the next profound changes: departments was restructured and modernized, major repairs and reconstruction of buildings and communications was carried out, material and technical basis was reinforced. More than 300 modern medical devices and high-tech equipment manufactured in Japan, Germany, Russia, the United States, South Korea, China, the United Kingdom and other countries were installed.

  There are 17 clinical departments of Samarkand State Medical University at the Multidisciplinary Clinic (1-clinic) of Samarkand State Medical University which provide all conditions for mastering clinical knowledge, imparting practical skills and conducting research work. 14 professors and doctors of medical sciences (DSc), 46 associate professors and candidates of medical sciences (PhD) and 58 doctors of higher category are involved in the therapeutic work.

  In the departments based at the clinic, great discoveries were made on topical problems of clinical and experimental medicine. About 500 doctoral and candidate theses (DSc, PhD) was defended on the materials of the clinic. Such outstanding scientists, as academicians of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan U.A. Aripov, I.Z. Zakirov, professors F.M. Golub, N.A. Mirzayan, N.I. Medvedev, associate professor B.H. Karakhadjaev, academicians of RAMS R.M. Khaitov, N.M. Mukharlyamov, professor E.S. Avetisov and many others worked at the clinic.

  Today, Samarkand State Medical University's multidisciplinary clinic (1st clinic) is a modern medical and diagnostic centre of the south-eastern and north-western regions of our country. Annually, the clinic provides highly skilled specialized aid to 19000 in-patients and more than 100000 out-patients, performs 3000-3500 births, more than 6000 surgical interventions for patients from Samarkand, Kashkadarya, Surkhandarya, Jizzakh, Navoi and other regions of Uzbekistan, as well as supply medical care to citizens from neighboring republics. In addition, more than 500,000 laboratory tests and more than 100,000 X-ray, ultrasound, endoscopic and other functional tests are performed annually.

  Over the years, the name of the hospital changed several times, depending on the requirements and circumstances. However, the only thing which remains unchanged is, above all, its purpose as the university's main teaching and research-treatment base, and its popularity and prominence in the minds of the people as a national hospital.


  The main objective of the activity of the Multidisciplinary Clinic (1st clinic) of SamSMU is to create conditions for the students of the University to receive theoretical knowledge and master practical skills in clinical disciplines, as well as to provide qualified inpatient and outpatient care, in accordance with the established procedure of the Ministry of Health of the Republic, to citizens of Uzbekistan and non-residents.

Main objectives of the Multidisciplinary Clinic (1st clinic) of Samarkand State Medical University:

  • To provide clinical training for doctors and nurses with higher education to work in practical health care to improve the quality of health care provided to the population.
  • to provide qualified, planned specialized medical care according to international diagnostic and treatment standards for adults and children in inpatient and outpatient settings.
  • to ensure maternal and child welfare and health care for women.
  • to ensure prevention of viral hepatitis B, C, AIDS and the observance of sanitary-epidemiological, disinfection regime in the clinic in accordance with the current Sanitary Regulations
  • to provide consultations and practical help to the seriously ill people on the line of sanitary aviation.
  • to conduct master-classes by leading professors, associate professors of the university and heads of departments of the clinic for practicing physicians on a scheduled basis.
  • to form a prophylactic orientation in the activity of doctors taking into account environmental changes in the environment.
  • to conduct sanitary and educational work on the prevention of infectious diseases, as well as to raise the level of medical culture and healthy lifestyle of the population.
  • to provide scientific, practical and methodological assistance to treatment and preventive care institutions in the provinces and districts of the Republic.


Referral procedures.

In order to be referred to the Multidisciplinary Clinic (1st clinic) of SamSMU, patients (in the presence of relevant medical indications) must have a referral issued by the regional health department, regional medical institutions and district (city) medical associations. The referral must be accompanied by an extract from the outpatient card or medical history.

Patients of privileged contingent for the provision of free medical care are issued a warrant of the Multidisciplinary Clinic (1st clinic) of Samarkand State Medical University. According to the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan №696 dated 5 September 2017 and Order of the MH of the RUz №721 dated 30 November 2017 the warrant (referral) for inpatient preferential (free) treatment in the approved form is issued in the presence of relevant medical and social indications, by the medical selection committee of regional, district (city) medical associations.

In case of absence of an appropriate referral to the Multidisciplinary Clinic (1st clinic) of SamSMU, patients can apply to the Consultative Polyclinic, where they would receive a qualified consultation of specialists, professors and faculty of SamSMU and undergo a modern examination in the diagnostic units of the clinic. Once the clinical diagnosis is established, if there are indications and the patient's consent, he/she is given a prescribed form of referral from the advisory polyclinic for inpatient treatment in the profile department of the clinic.