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Women's committee

Khudaiberdieva Gavkhar Ismailovna

Reception hours: Monday-Saturday: 1500-1700
Phone: +99891 557 81 32
Address:  Samarkand city, Amir Temur k., house 18


  From the first years of independence in our republic, the main goal of the large-scale measures aimed at increasing the place and status of women in society is to increase attention to them. In this sense, a number of laws and decisions have been adopted in our country over the past years to improve the activity of women in society, and attention to women has become one of the main directions of state policy. Today, 61% more of our women are working in various forms of economy, management, and production. 56% of professors working at SamDTU are women, among them 29% are doctors of science, 36% are masters of science. A number of women of the university are leading the departments and departments. Including:    2 vice-rectors, 36 heads of departments and courses, 5 heads of departments of the university administration.


  The women's council of the university has a long history, and the positions of women's chairpersons are our respected teachers Abdurakhmonova Sayyora Kadyrovna, Salakhitdinova Rano Maslakhatovna, Tilavova Sayyora Sharafutdinovna, Ibadova Dilbar Negmatovna, Yuldashova Dilorom Yuldashovna, Khusenova Shoira Akbarovna, Ishankulova. Fortunately, the Nurmamatovnas worked and contributed to the development of the work of the women's council..


  Strengthening the activities of women - girls in the political, social, economic spheres and types of work in the society, protecting their rights and interests, and conducting public works; carrying out spiritual and educational work between women and girls, holding various events, meetings, seminars, in order to raise girls to be well-rounded people in all respects based on our national and cultural values and programs; protecting the rights of women and girls, increasing their spiritual, intellectual and professional experience, legal literacy, and culture; to start a group of talented girls, to participate in recommending talented girls to Zulfia and other famous state awards; forming a healthy lifestyle in the family, staying away from harmful diseases, improving the reproductive health of women and girls, protecting motherhood and childhood, increasing the interest of women and girls in culture and sports; prevention of unpleasant situations such as crime, drug addiction, alcoholism, suicide among our wives and daughters, which are alien to the spirituality and lifestyle of our people; to improve the social and spiritual environment among women and girls, to prevent the spread of missionary ideas of religious extremism, to protect women from oppression and violence, to provide support, assistance and support to our girls who are in need of social protection and with disabilities. support


  To increase the activity of women and girls in solving tasks in the political, social and economic spheres in society, to support them in every way, to improve their social and economic conditions, to protect their rights and interests, to strengthen family relations based on our national and spiritual values, to make young people morally sound, ideological fighters, it is to educate a mature person who spares no effort for the development of the nation and the country, and to form a healthy lifestyle.

  The women's advisory council is actively participating in the social life of the university, with the support of the leadership, in conducting spiritual and educational work among professors, teachers, technical assistants, and students.

  In order to study the spiritual and psychological state of the spiritual world of female students, meetings and roundtable discussions are held on the formation of high spiritual concepts in female students. The Women's Advisory Council aims to form the skills of a healthy lifestyle in female students, to take responsibility for their own health, not to indulge in various harmful habits, not to engage in sexual activity, to regularly engage in sports, to form compliance with the culture of eating, dressing and behavior, to prepare female students for family life. , various activities and roundtable discussions dedicated to girls' behavior, their attitude to studies and future life are also regularly held in student residences.

  As in every field, the role of women in the field of science is incomparable. Our young women scientists have recently been active in scientific research. Our talented female students won state scholarships, including I. Karimov, Ibn Sino, famous scholarships of the Youth Union of Uzbekistan