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Vice-rector for youth affairs and spiritual and educational affairs

Tangirov Eldor Sayfullaevich

Vice-Rector for Youth Affairs and Spiritual and Educational Affairs

Reception time: Friday 14:00 -17: 00
Tel: +998662330976
Fax: (0366)233-71-75
Address: Samarkand, st.Amir Temur, 18

  After the independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the development of spirituality and enlightenment has become one of the priorities of state policy in the country. One of the reforms in the field of improving education is the introduction of "Spirituality and Enlightenment" centers of all universities and educational and spiritual-enlightenment work in order to bring up a harmoniously developed generation in all respects, to educate them in the spirit of patriotism and independence, the post of vice-rector was established.


prof. K.A. Askarov 1992-1995,

prof. D.R. Kuldashev 1995-1991,

dots. B.T.Tilavov 1996-1998,

dots .U.B.Samiev 1998-2004 yy.,

prof. N.M.SHavazi 2005-2014 yy. ,

dots .A.M.Isakov 2014-2020 yy.

In accordance with the Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated March 26, 2021 "On measures to radically improve the system of spiritual and educational work" Vice-Rector for Youth Affairs and Spiritual and Educational Affairs ”Was introduced.

In order to further improve and increase the effectiveness of the educational process at the Institute, the main tasks of the Vice-Rector for Youth and Spiritual Enlightenment are to lead the spiritual and educational system, to improve the work in this area, to Preparation and publication of necessary scientific and methodological literature using experience, organization of training of staff in all fields, organization of meetings of various clubs, sports and public clubs, a broad explanation of respect for students, universal values, historical traditions, love, devotion to the ideas of independence, achievements in the spiritual sphere, training of qualified specialists, formation of personnel meeting new modern requirements, upbringing of faithful, spiritually and physically mature youth.

Public organizations play a special role in the implementation of youth policy at the Institute. The activities of public organizations with the requirements are coordinated by the Department of Youth Affairs, Spirituality and Enlightenment of the Institute. Today, the institute has a primary organization of the Youth Union of Uzbekistan, a women's counselor, a head coach, a psychologist, and teachers of dormitories.


  • Carrying out organizational work on the implementation of the Laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Resolutions and Decrees of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, resolutions of the Oliy Majlis and the Cabinet of Ministers in the field of education and training;
  • Provide assistance in organizing spiritual and educational work and training of qualified personnel;
  • Organize the implementation of orders and instructions of ministries and higher organizations, decisions of the Academic Council of the Institute, as well as orders of the Institute on spiritual, educational and youth education;
  • Organization of spiritual and educational work on the basis of state educational standards and training of qualified personnel;
  • Ensuring that all deans and departments, heads of departments and teachers are fully aware of the content of knowledge and the set of requirements for the level of training in accordance with state educational standards;
  • Organize the implementation of orders, decrees and instructions of higher authorities, decisions of the Academic Council of the Institute on spiritual and educational processes and the rector's orders;
  • Develop tools to study the development trends of the education system in developed countries, the Law "On Education", the "National Training Program" and other laws related to education exit and ensure their implementation;
  • Preparation of proposals and organization of work in the field of activity;
  • Coordination, organization and control of the work of departments, deans, which provide the spiritual and educational process;
  • Approve work plans of departments, faculties and departments and monitor their implementation;
  • monitor and ensure the implementation of paragraph 5 of the personal plan of teachers;
  • organization of conferences, meetings, round tables and conferences in the field of spirituality and enlightenment,
  • Manage and assist in the process of search, selection and work with talented young people, the process of training prestigious scholarship winners of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Navoi, Beruni, Ulugbek, Zulfiya and others among students and interns. 'compromise;
  • Development of proposals for the staffing of faculty and support staff, the organization of work to provide departments and divisions with qualified personnel;
  • Take action against employees who violate executive discipline, prepare proposals for termination of contracts with them;
  • Conducting annual reports, analysis and conclusions of departments, faculties and departments, the implementation of modern methods of assessing the spiritual and educational activities of teachers;
  • Regular spiritual and educational cooperation with institutes, active participation of professors and teachers in conferences, seminars, cooperation with local authorities;
  • Regular internal certification of the Institute in accordance with the established procedure, active participation in the preparation and conduct of external certification.
  • The Institute should always ensure the role of young people in society, increase their political and legal knowledge, fight against corruption, drug addiction, AIDS, terrorism, extremism, alcoholism and other negative evils.