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Academic lyceum Of Samarkand State Medical University

Maxmudova Xurshida Irgashevna

Admission period: time:Tuesday-Thursday 14:00 - 16:00
Tel: +998 66 232 19 18
Fax: +998 66 232 19 18
Address: Samarkand city,14,V.Abdullayev street

  She successfully graduated from the faculty of biology of Samarkand State University in 1997. In 1998-2001 years she worked as an assistant at the Department of Normal Physiology in Samarkand State University. During her career she was respected for her thirst for knowledge, discipline and enthusiasm.She worked as a teacher of biology at Samarkand Medical Academic boarding school during 2001-2006 years.During her career,she conducted laboratory work in biology and wrote methodological manuals. In 2006-2009 she worked as a teacher of biology in the academic lyceum №2 under Samarkand State Medical Institute, as well as during 2009-2017 she worked as a head of the biology department. She worked in the field of genetics problems and a collection of lectures, introduced biology demonstration tools into the teaching process by preparing posters and small programs.She has gained great respect among employees due to her responsibility ,organizational and initiative skills . In 2012-2015 years she worked as an assistant at the Department of Microbiology, Virusology ,Immunology and Medical biology.In 2012 she defended her dissertation at the institute of Biophysics and Physiology of the Academy of Sciences on the subject “Comparative study of individual biochemical parametrs of goat’s milk and different genotypes in the speciality of human and animals physiology”. Since January 2, 2014 she has been working on a doctoral dissertation on “The assessment of genotype and nutritional impact on the physicochemical properties of milk of goats” at the Department of Normal and Pathological physiology.Meanwhile in March 2021, she is planning to defend her dissertation.She has regularly participated in international conferences with more than 15 scientific articles as part of her research. For example ;“The effect of the seasons on the biochemical parametres of the blood”(2010y), “Changes in some physiological and biochemical parametres of goat’s in relation to physiological conditions”(2010y), “Milk yield of goats bred in Uzbekistan and chemical properties”(2010y),”Changes in the composition of goat’s milk during lactation”(2010y), “Chemical composition and some physical properties of goat milk”(2011y), “Change of milk protein and it’s fractions depending on the seasons”(2011y), “Total leukocyte count in goats of different genotypes, seasonal dynamics of the hemogram” “Changes in some morphobiochemical parametres of the deposit depending on the physiological conditions of goats of different genotypes”(2011y), “The effect of nutrients treated with synthetic nitrogen containing substances on the digestive progress”(2012y), “Productivity of goats and changes in some of its physicochemical properties in some of its physicochemical properties in accordance with the genotype”(2016y), “Influence of the composition of the ration consumed by Zaanen goats on the physicochemical properties and composition of milk”(2018y), “Changes in the immune status of goats under the influence of the level of nutrients in the diet” and a lot of other articles. In addition she has published about 70 scientific papers of which about 45 articles and about 30 teaching aids. In 2017-2019 she worked as the head of the Department of Medical Biology and Genetics at Samarkand State Medical Institute and during this period she showed herself as a demanding and responsible leader. She was formed as a mature educator and researcher while working at the Institute. She is a demanding educator towards herself and others who is constantly working on herself ,striving for innovation throughout her career. During her tenure she regularly taught students knowledge and practical skills, and under her scientific guidance, student’s won various honorable places in Republican Olimpiads. Among them Hamdullayev Utkir took the 3rd place in biology, a 3rd year student of the Faculty of Medicine Mamadiyarova Mashhura took the 3rd place in the Republican Olimpiad in biology,students of the faculty of medicine Bakhronov Jahongir Jasurovich and Norboyeva Iroda took the 3rd place, Shukurov D. and Alimjanova C. students of the Faculty of Medical Pedagogy were awarded the 2ndIegree diplomas for their participation in the conference.

  In order to futher improve the educational, scientific, spiritual and educational work of the academic lyceum since April 8,2019 ,Associate Professor Makhmudova Khurshida Irgashevna was appointed as a director of the lyceum.

  The director of the lyceum Makhmudova Khurshida Irgashevna on the basis of 5 important initiatives of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan , on the effective use of free time for young people, two computer rooms, one library, a reading room and reading circles were organized in May and June of this year. 200 placed dormitory and a kitchen have been renovated and handed over to the students . The students living in the dormitory are provided with 3 times hot meal. In addition, Samarkand Medical Institute provided funds for the re-equipment of chemistry and biology laboratories, renovated the classrooms, the activist’s hall, the toilets, the front yard of lyceum .At the same time, the students of the academic lyceum are taking part in the Science Olimpiads and taking honorable places, DostovAnvar won the 2nd place on chemistry in the Republic Olympiad, FakhriyevJahongir won the 3rd place in the 48th World Olympiad, also took part in 50th International Olympiad and won the bronze medal.

  In order to improve the educational process in the academic lyceum ,she took into consideration the following decisions: on the initiative of the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan on September 26,2017, on the initiative of the leadership of Samarkand Medical Institute, President Decree N3290 on further Improvement of the system of targeted training of candidates for admission to higher education institutions and Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers N212 of March 23,2018 “Selection of students of general secondary school in the academic lyceum, admission to study , decision on the procedure for suspension and expulsion of students” approved by the joint decision of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Ministry of Public Education, registered in the Ministry of Justice by the Resolution N3040 of July 17,2018.Regulations on the procedure for conducting qualifying examinations and the announcement of the result, propaganda work was carried out in urban schools, in all regions and districts of the region. The testing process was organized in a transparent manner and in compliance with all fairness criteries.

  Makhmudova Khurshida Irgashevna’s total pedagogical work experience 28years.Scientific and pedagogical work experience 22 years in Samarkand State Medical Institute. In 2018 Khurshida Irgashevna was aworded a certificate by the rector of SamSMI Shamsiev A.M for participation in the international conference “Innovative technology in medicine” From February 1 to February 29, 2020 she was trained at the Regional Center under the National University of Uzbekistan in the course of National management of the education system” and was positively evaluated.

  Under the direction of Makhmudova Khurshida Irgashevna Ochilov B on “The effect of different levels of nutrition of the immune system of lambs”,J.Tadjiev “The importance of adding goat’s milk to the human diet “are being studied by some physiologists on the bassis of doctoral dissertational on biochemical aspects.

  Makhmudova Khurshida Irgashevna is a member of the Liberal Democratic Party of the Republic of Uzbekistan and a member of the scientific seminar that gives doctor’s degree under number 03\30.12.2019. B 02.08 of Samarkand State University .

  She has a family and has one child.