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Educational and methodical work of the department

  In the department, undergraduate students of Samarkand State Medical University 1st-year treatment, pediatrics, stomatology, medical prophylaxis, medical biology, folk medicine faculties - medical chemistry, 1st- and 2nd-year pharmacy faculty students study inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, physical and colloid chemistry. Lessons will be in Uzbek and Varusian styles. In addition, short-term education for students of the faculty is conducted in the English language of medical chemistry. Students of the Faculty of International Education are mainly students from India, Pakistan, and Korea who are studying at our university.

  The course is conducted in the credit-module system. The volume of the course, which includes all classroom and extra-auditory studies, is 120 hours for one academic year and 60 hours for one semester. 1 credit equals 30 academic hours of study.

  Students of the faculties of treatment, pediatrics, dentistry, medical biology, medical prophylaxis, and folk medicine will be able to understand the role and functions of chemistry in medicine, which is the foundation of medicine, the importance of reactions in the body, the use of chemical compounds in medicine and pharmacy. Students independently perform laboratory exercises in the laboratory.The composition, reactivity, composition, and quantitative properties of substances used in medicine and pharmaceuticals are explained to students of the Faculty of Pharmacy in organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, physical and colloid chemistry. 

  Lessons are held in laboratories equipped with modern equipment. Lessons are conducted with the help of interactive methods. The department has created a module program for all subjects. The module program is considered to be a great helper for students' independence. The module program contains lecture materials, practical training, laboratory work progress, virtual laboratories, control questions for each topic, control tests, situational problems, picture tests. Students can independently use the lecture materials, practice and laboratory work in the module program at any time through their login passwords.Teaching is conducted according to the following approved documents for each course and faculty: 

- State standard; 

- Qualifications; 

– Module software; 

  The following technical equipment is available during the teaching process:

  A telecommunications system is organized in the department, video films, presentations, virtual laboratories are shown with the help of televisions and projectors. Auditoriums are equipped with an interactive whiteboard, television, and projectors.