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History of the department

  In 1930, the department of "general chemistry" was established. Until 1933, prof. N. L. Merkulovich was the director, in 1933-1936 the department was headed by professor L. N. Parfentyev.

  From 1938, it was called the department of "inorganic chemistry", until 1946 it was headed by associate professor A.A.Shamshurin. During these years, the staff of the department conducted scientific research in various areas of inorganic chemistry, and they published more than 30 scientific articles, one candidate's thesis was defended.

  Assoc. to the department in 1946-1964. S. F. Babak was the director. Under his leadership, scientific and research work was carried out in the department on the topic "Complex compounds of alkaloids and pyrimidine derivatives".

  In 1964, the department of general chemistry and the department of biological chemistry were merged and Assoc. I. G. Priyev was in charge. During this period, members of the department engaged in organic chemistry developed a new synthesis method of carbazide and researched the biological significance of trace elements. As a result, new conclusions were obtained, which are important for health care practice.

  In December 1977, the department was divided into the departments of Bioinorganic and Physical Chemistry and Bioorganic and Biological Chemistry. Assoc. to the Department of Bioinorganic and Physical Chemistry. Q. A. Askarov began to lead. In these years, the attention to scientific research has increased in the department. As a result, the department has 4 doctorates (Q.A. Askarov, D.M. Ivnisky, M.D. Davronov, B.S. Mirzayev) and 12 candidates (S.T. Rashidova, I.M. Muratov, R.T. Toshmatova, Z.Yu. Yunusova, K.I. Iskandarov, M.F. Yulayev , R.A. Dmitrieva, D. Daniyarov, N. Tangiyarikov, etc.) were prepared and defended. Six monographs, more than 450 scientific and educational-methodological articles were published. During this period, the members of the department issued certificates of authorship for 20 scientific discoveries, 2 patents based on about 30 scientific opinions.

  And to the department of bioorganic and biological chemistry, prof. V. A. Blinov was the leader. The scope of scientific research has been expanded, and the attention of the department's team has been focused on researching the physiology and pathology of the vascular system on a scientific basis. As a result of these scientific researches, many scientific articles were published, several authorship certificates were obtained. 1 doctoral and 6 candidate theses were defended.

  In September 1994, the Department of Bioinorganic and Physical Chemistry was merged with the Department of Bioorganic and Biological Chemistry. The department was called the Department of Bioinorganic, Bioorganic and Biological Chemistry. Prof. to the department. Q. A. Askarov was the director.

  From July 2012 to August 2017, associate professor Q. T. Sovetov was the head of the department.

  From August 2017, the department was named "Medical and biological chemistry" and it was headed by candidate of medical sciences, associate professor Q. M. Khalikov.

  From August 2020, the Department of "Medical and Biological Chemistry" was divided into two separate departments and named "Medical Chemistry" and "Biological Chemistry".

  Kholmurodova Dilafruz Guvvatovna was appointed as the head of the "Medical Chemistry" department. The Department of Medicinal Chemistry started its work in the new building in 2021. The department has modern laboratories, auditoriums equipped with television, projector, interactive whiteboards and all necessary conditions. In 2021, the head of the department of medical chemistry, associate professor Kholmurodova Dilafruz Kuvatovna, defended her doctoral thesis. The assistants of the department use the conditions provided by our state wisely and work on their scientific research in addition to their academic work.

  In the department, medical chemistry is taught to first-level students of the institute's treatment, pediatrics, dentistry, medical prevention, medical biology, folk medicine faculties, and inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, physics to first-, second-, third-, and fourth-level students of the pharmacy faculty. colloidal chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, toxicological chemistry are taught.

  From September 2022, admission to the specialty, pharmaceutical chemistry, and toxicological chemistry have been distinguished at the department level.

  Since 2020, the department has established cooperative relations with chemistry departments of other higher educational institutions. Among them: the Department of Chemistry of the 1st Saint-Petersburg State Medical University, the Kyrgyz Medical Social Institute of Scientific Research, the Department of Chemistry of the South Kozogistan Medical Academy, the Tashkent State Technical University named after I.Karimov "Science and Development".