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Science club

  The professors-teachers of the "Medicinal Chemistry" department conducted interviews and demonstration laboratory experiments with the students in order to make their free time productive and efficient. In this way, the student's attitude towards science increases, and it encourages independent research. Special attention was paid to timely scientific research with students who participated in scientific conferences.At the initiative of the head of the "Medicinal Chemistry" department, associate professor Kholmurodova Dilafruz Quvvatovna, a scientific club of students in the field of science was established, and about 70 students participate in the clubs.

  The student scientific circle is headed by Mamadoliev Ikrom Ilhomidinovich, assistant of the Department of Medicinal Chemistry.There are 5 clubs operating in the Department of Medicinal Chemistry. In these clubs, students together with professors and teachers of the department conduct laboratory classes on certain days of each month.Assistants of the Department of Medicinal Chemistry Turgunov Davron Elibekovich "Yoshtahlilchi", Rakhmonova Feruza Erdanovna "Yunni Medic", Pardaeva Sohiba Boriyevna "Perspective", Rayymkulova Charos Akhmatovna  continues the regular activities of the "Young Pharmacists" clubs.

  In our department, talented students participate in conferences, events and Olympiads, and in the IV international competition "The best young scientists - 2021", including Khudoyberdiyeva Gulnafisa Aslanovna, a student of the 321st group of the Faculty of Pharmacy, receives prizes and nominations. Prashant Kumar and Muhammed Shafik, a talented foreign student of our department, participated in the contest "The Best Innovator in Science-2022" held in the Republic of Kazakhstan and were awarded with a 1st degree diploma.On December 3, 2021, the Samarkand State Medical University in cooperation with the Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute held a republican scientific-practical conference on the topic of "Ibn Sinoizdasha's Third Renaissance". Turkey, Kyrgyz Republic Jalalabad Scientific-Research Medical-Social Institute, Tashkent Medical Academy, Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute, Bukhara State Medical Institute, Samarkand State Medical University, Navoi State Pedagogical Institute and other universities, as well as young researchers of scientific workers and research centers will share their research. Y.U. Ismatov, a student of the 204th group of the Faculty of Pharmacy, and students of the 102nd group of the Faculty of Medicine D.U. Egamkulov and U.U. Rustamov were awarded I and II degree diplomas.Members of the Scientific Society of Talented Students of the Department of Medicinal Chemistry at the 76th International Scientific and Practical Conference of Students and Young Scientists (Samarkand, May 20-21, 2022) "Modern medicine and pharmaceuticals, new approaches and modern research. ". with his articles and theses, including published work results, he received 4 awards, diplomas and 7 certificates of the II-III level.

  In the 2021-2022 academic year, the number of members of the scientific society of students of the medical chemistry department is more than 68, professors and teachers together with more than 52 articles and theses were published, received more than 62 diplomas and certificates.