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Morally and educational work of the department

    In connection with the implementation of 5 initiatives on raising the spirituality of young people and meaningful organization of their free time put forward by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, students studying at the department have ideas of independence, high spirituality and loyalty to the national traditions of humanity. It is the duty of every professor and teacher to deeply imbibe the spirit, educate physically healthy, spiritually and mentally developed, independent-thinking young people who are loyal to the Motherland.Spiritual classes are held in the department every week. National holidays, birthdays of historical figures and great ancestors are constantly celebrated. In particular, we will once again remind the students of the paths taken by our grandfathers Mir Alisher Navoi, Mirzo Babur, Amir Temur, Mirzo Ulugbek. It is explained to the students that we are descendants of great thinkers such as Al-Bukhari, Al-Farghani, Ibn Sina, and Al-Motrudi, that their ancestors have a great future, and that studying their life paths is a great life lesson for us. We are proud of these ancestors. Such as "Independence Day", "Teachers and Mentors' Day", "Language Day", "Eid of Sacrifice", "Day of Defenders of the Fatherland", "International Women's Day", "Navroz Day", "Day of Remembrance and Appreciation" holidays are also widely celebrated. Roundtable discussions are held in all groups dedicated to these dates.In order to increase young people's love for books, the department organizes the campaign "Look for the future in a book", reading events in student dormitories, meetings with poets and sportsmen to make students spend their free time meaningfully. The purpose of conducting these events is to contribute to the development of a mature spirituality of our students.

    The department supports to schools in several districts of Samakand region for the academic year 2022-2023. For inctance, some type offiction books were presented to the school libraries of Pakhtachi, Narpay, Koshrabot, Tayloq, Aqdaryo, Pastdargom, Jomboy districts, the best students and their parents were encouraged, gifts were given to enthusiastic teachers, letter of appreciation were organized.A chemistry laboratory was organized for the 9th school of Pakhtachi district, a TV was given to watch virtual laboratories, and a monthly scholarship was organized for the best students.