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Morally and educational work of the department

  Free time students of spiritual and educational work is carried out. Among experienced teachers of the department saralangan curated appointed to each group. Kuratorlar the guidance department students take an active part in the events, out of cultural and leisure are historical monuments and sights of samarkand, visit to the museum and theatre.

  Great attention is given to physical education and sport. Group the students on the basis of the sports complex of the institute of Kuratorlik running, swimming, tennis, chess, football, basketball, volleyball, the national fight, martial arts, athletics sports circles are attending. They are also the region, the republic also will participate in sports competitions.

  The football national team of the republic of uzbekistan department physicians on staff in the initiative, which was held February 23-26 in diffa city of antalya on turkey participated in the tournament of international football. 2nd placeI took.