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Science club

  Currently, the department has 30 students working with students iktidor accurately. During the year, the Student Scientific Society of the members of the scientific works published 50. "Modern tibb ofeitheractual problems of tning" 77-st international scientific conference of young scientists and students active in katnasha after treatment 5 a. u. faculty course test subscriber Abdusamadov A.U., Suvonov Sh.Sh., Ibragimov Sh.U., and Kurbaniyazova F.Z. are honorable diploma were awarded in addition, the department is a member Student Scientific Society treatment, medical faculty of pedogogika took an active part students with their thesis. Students in the department on Friday to spend every free time of their own bodies meeting and the results of meaningful assignments committing tamxlil qilignadi xavtalik xavtaning respectively. Olimp conducted at the national level and international students for more than 10 years of research at scientific conferences and to participate in together with the head are come. Also in the academic year 2021-2022 1-number prepared by the assistant of the department of surgical diseases of Shamsiev Ozodbek constantly coming Abdurakhmanov Diyor Shukurillaevich of the republic of uzbekistan ministry of education and specialized higher among fazliddinovich 2022 14-52 buyrig'i dated in February, with the bachelor, which was held between “Ibn Sina” is of state scholarships.