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Science club

  Although the department of pharmacognosy and pharmaceutical technologies was separated as a separate department in 2021, the number of students interested in the student scientific society of the department is increasing due to the knowledge and skills of experienced teachers. Only at the beginning of the 2022-2023 academic year, there were 16 students who were members of the National Technical University, and by the middle of the academic year, their number reached 31, which is an indication of the effective organization of the work being carried out in this regard at the department. Meetings of the student scientific society are organized monthly in the department, presentations on various topics of interest to students are presented. At the same time, at these meetings, the problems of the scientific work plan are discussed, the collected evidence and the results of scientific research are analyzed. The written theses, their publication and participation in conferences will be discussed. In the 2022-2023 academic year, 31 students were admitted to the Student Scientific Society, and all of them participate in scientific research. All department employees closely support students in conducting scientific research. Members of the student scientific society carry out their scientific activities on a number of topics in the field of pharmaceuticals. In particular, they are conducting scientific research on a number of important pharmaceutical issues, such as studying the composition of local medicinal plants, which are of particular importance today, and using them for medical purposes, using modern analytical methods in the analysis of drugs, and creating optimal drug forms for use.

  The members of the Student Scientific Society are actively participating in the international Olympiads organized by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Commonwealth countries, and have been taking prize-winning places.

  In accordance with the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On Education" and the national program of personnel training, in order to deepen the process of integration of types of education, to ensure coherence and continuity among them, the members of the Student Scientific Society are the teachers of the department. held a "Skills lesson" in a number of educational institutions.

  Students have been participating in national and international scientific-practical conferences with the results of their research on the current problems of the pharmaceutical industry. Under the leadership of the teachers of the members of the Department, the department has been carrying out visits to neighboring state higher education institutions for the purpose of internship and exchange of experience.

  Student of the Pharmaceutical Faculty of the Samarkand State Medical University Jabbarov Sh.A. Ernazarova M.Sh. under the scientific guidance "Studying the mechanism of action of Royan's drugs on kidney stones" students of the pharmaceutical faculty of the Samarkand State Medical University Nazhmitdinov Kh.B., Mirzoeva F.A. PhD. Kadyrov N.D. under his scientific guidance, they took part in the topic "Production of medicinal substances from medicinal plants" with their scientific articles and took an honorable 3rd place and were awarded a III degree Diploma.

  In addition, the following students of the Faculty of Pharmacy took an active part in the conference: Mirzoeva Fariza Azamatovna under the scientific supervision of PhD. Kodirov N.D. on the topic "Chromatographic study of flax, pumpkin, nut and sunflower oils", Omontosheva M.T. under the scientific guidance of Boymurodov E.S. on the topic "Biologically active and nutritional supplements", Samatova Yulduz Samat kizi, Abdurakhmanov Zhakhongir Bakhtiyor ugli under the scientific guidance of Olimov S.M. on the topic "Ways to increase sustainability eye drops”, Tashturdieva Sarvinoz Alisher kizi under the scientific guidance of Melikulov O.J. on the topic "The importance of heterocyclic compounds", Nazhmitdinov H.B. under the scientific guidance of Khasanova G.R. on the topic “The use of the drug alfutol in the treatment of patients with osteoarthritis and gouty arthritis", Abdulloev Shahzodjon Alizhon ugli under the scientific guidance of Imamova Yu.A. on the topic "Modern achievements in clinical and fundamental pharmacology", "Medicinal plants and their therapeutic effects", Uzokov Abror Alimardon ugli under the scientific guidance of Imamova Yu.A. on the topic "Technology of preparation of suspensions".