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International Cooperation Relations

  Samarkand State Medical University has established international partnerships in the field of education and science with more than 60 state and international organizations, foreign universities and research centers.

  The number of professors, students and researchers coming to foreign countries to study and participate in scientific conferences is growing from year to year.

  The Department of “Pharmacagnosy and Pharmaceutical Technologies” of the Faculty of Pharmacy of SamSMU also does a lot of work to establish international relations.

  Despite the fact that the department has been in existence for 1 year, thanks to the efforts of the head of the department and the staff, partnerships with several countries have been established in this short time.

  In order to exchange experience and conduct lectures and practical classes within the framework of the academic mobility program, on October 25-30, 2021, the staff of SamSMU visited the Volga Research Medical University of the Russian Federation. During the visit, the head of the Department, Doctor of Philosophy in Medical Sciences N. D. Kadirov gave lectures and conducted practical classes at the 3-4-5 courses of the university.

  On May 18-20, 2022, employees of the VRMU of the Russian Federation arrived at the SamSMU to exchange experience. During the visit, the head of the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacagnosy of VRMU, Associate Professor O.V. Zhukova, Associate Professor O.A. Vorobyova, Faculty of Pharmacy conducted educational and practical classes with 3rd year students according to the calendar and thematic plan. At the same time, a webinar was held on the topic ”Medicinal plants containing alkaloids".

  In the current academic year, new plans are also being developed to strengthen international cooperation.