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Research work of the department

  The research work of the department is conducted on the issues of educating the younger generation in the spirit of commitment to the ideas of independence, the formation of the legal culture of youth, philosophical problems of modern medical science, and various aspects of the history of the state hood of Uzbekistan. All employees of the department take an active part in the research work of the department and the University. Currently, 11 employees work at the department. Of these, professor (Karaboev H. K.), 2 candidates of medical sciences, associate professor (Ruzibaev S. A., Hakimov E. A.) 2 candidates of medical sciences (Mustafakulov I. B. Shakirov B. M.). On the eve of the thesis defense, 4 employees are independent applicants (Avazov A. A., Umedov H. A. Nurmuhametov B. P. and Hursanov E.).

  Last year, the staff of the department published more than 300 scientific papers, including 4 textbooks, 8 monographs, 12 electronic programs, more than 100 manuscripts and abstracts in leading republican and international journals.

Учебные пособия, изданные сотрудниками кафедры


Название опубликованного руководства


Mustafakulov I.B.

Umedov H.A.

Avazov A.A.

Gafarov P.P.

Injuries and surgical diseases of the abdominal cavity and retroperitoneal region of the chest. Tutorial. 2022


Arzieva G.B.

Negmadjanov B.B.

Karabaev H.K.

Hakimov E.A.

Burn disease in children. Tutorial. 2022


Babjanov A.C.

Ruzibaev S.A.

Toirov A.C.

Ahmedov A.C.

Hudoinazarov U.R.

Military -field surgery. Tutorial. 2022


Ahmedov R.F. Karabaev H.K. Tagaev K.R.

Burn sepsis. Monograph.2022


Hadjibaev F.A.

Atadjanov C.K.

Karabaev H.K.

Mustafakulov I.B.

Therapeutic and diagnostic algorithm for closed injuries of the pancreas.Guidelines.2022


Hakimov I.A.

Karabaev H.K. Ruzibaev S.A.

Shakirov B.M.

Burn disease in children. Monograph.2022


Ruzibaev S.A., Babajanov A.S.

Optimization of surgical treatment of deep burns in elderly people with burdened premorphic background 2021. Monograph.


Nazirov F.G.

Devatov A.B.

Ruzibaev S.A.

Modern principles of rehabilitation and prevention of complications in patients with liver cirrhosis in the long-term period after portosystemic shunting. 2021 Monograph


Mustafakulov I.B.

Mizamov F.O.

Kurbonov N.A.

Umedov H.A.

Thorocoabdominal injuries combined trauma 2022. Monograph.