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Educational and educational-methodical works of the department

  6th course at the department medical - pedagogy , treatment work faculty students " for UASH surgical diseases " based on the science program study they get

  In the department master's and clinical residency direction according to high qualified experts preparation to the road placed _

  Teaching each _ course and Faculty for the following approved documents according to take goes :
– Qualifying characteristic ;
- State standard ;
– Curriculum ;
- Education worker program ;
- Education _ technologies the following included :
– Order No. 80 of UzR SSV basically changes ;
- confirmed diagnosis standards ;
- international recommendations ;
- modern education technologies ( graphic organizers , case technology and project method ).

  Teaching in the process the following technical supplies available :
Telecommunication system organize done to the subject about video films, presentations , multimedia programs , lectures and practical training central to the computer connected televisions using demonstration will be done . Study to the story basically Created unified teaching for intended and study of the program everyone to their deaths right coming scanned a single bank of images there is

  Department library :
• K is in the library English , Uzbek and more than 60 in rustils study books there is
• Electronic library textbooks , atlases , study manuals , educational and methodological manuals and others own into takes _

  Students for to the topic about patients ultrasound and X-ray diagnosis in their rooms to see organize done