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Science club

  No. 1 Treatment Faculty No. 2 Surgery diseases in the department of students scientific research works with very active _ participating is coming Samarkand State medicine at the university being past international and students of the Republic scientific and practical at conferences active participating is coming Students scientific to society a member has been students to themselves given research topics according to practical and theoretical in terms of things take is going Students scientific circle treatment medical pedagogy 4-5-6 stage of the faculty students a member was _ Students scientific research Republican contests of works for of surgery current problems , videolaparoscopic operations of surgery all in the fields applyaccording to research their work they prepare

  Theses and articles published together with talented students actively participated in the 76th scientific student conference at SamDTU and the Republic . and the faculty of treatment in the presence of tfd R o' ziboev SA ra h

  Dvolash faculty 610th grade student Ergashev SR 3rd place :

  Treatment faculty group 625 student Fakhriddinova Matluba 2nd place,

  Treatment faculty 601 - group Panjiev Shokhnur won the 2nd place .

  From this except Our department is engaged in the activity of foreign trade our students Republic and international scale scientific at conventions thesis and articles daklats with participating proud seats owning is coming Talented surgical students of our department who are interested in the science of surgery become members of the student scientific society at their own will, topics of scientific directions are selected for them and assigned to each assistant.