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Spiritual and educational works of the department

  Young to generation care make , healthy , perfect person to educate aspiration Uzbek of the people national character from the features is one Because of this spiritual and educational cases No. 1 Treatment No. 2 surgery of the faculty diseases department of activity the most important direction is consideredIn our department of students empty at times spiritual and educational affairs done is increased . Department of activity main from directions one students in the middle high moral values formation , professional to the activity interest , students university cultural events attraction is to do This tasks perform for in our department approved to the plan according to affairs done is increased . This work chair Head Assoc. Mustafakulov IB and in charge teacher Normamatov B. coordinates and organize is enough

  Professors in the department students in the middle as follows the work take goes to :

• President Sh.M. Mirziyoyev works and speeches , Oliy Majlis and Ministers Court decrees and decisions with by introducing they go as well perfect generation to educate young people universal , national and spiritual outlook qualities increase and improvement in order to spiritual and educational things take goes :
• Every Thursday of the week days to the plan according to spirituality hours regularly will be held . From this every day except in the morning students , master 's degree residents and clinical ordinators 5 minutes with during last news , spiritual and educational in the field conversation will be held .
• students in the middle healthy marriage style formation in order to xar different sports games and sports clubs organize is
enough • students in the middle political and legal culture increase in order to Students are introduced to the works, speeches of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Sh.M. Mirziyoyev, decisions of the Cabinet of Ministers and materials of the sessions of the Oliy Majlis, the content and essence of the adopted Laws .
• in the world and in the country happening social , political and creative events about to students own on time information delivered to give in order to spiritual and educational in the field conversation will be held .
• students in the middle healthy spiritual environment formation for organizes visits to plays, movies and concerts in order to spend their free time meaningfully .
• training of the institution direction and specialization suitable respectively of students empty the time organize reach in order to in our department surgery direction on this circles organize reached in the future Surgeon to be at will has been to students scientific and practical training held is coming .

In the department organize done circle training

Students empty the time meaningful transfer in order to sports houses organize done