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International cooperation connections

  Samarkand State medicine university internationalist duties institute development Concept based on international education in width own instead of to strengthen directed . Internationalization main advantages foreign from hand came of students the number increase , foreign in the state higher study countries and scientific research centers with joint projects development , abroad in the hand study in their countries lesson giver researchers and teachers the number increase , two diploma to give enable which creates foreign in the hand higher study countries with joint programs the number is increasing .

  More than 70 state and international organizations , foreign in the hand universities and scientific - research centers education and in science international of cooperation participants with Samarkand State medicine university equality from the essence come came out without connections is developing . Europe , Asia , North America _ and CIS universities with cooperation of communication development joint program and education to mobility based on

  Every year cooperation communications installation , reading , skills increase , scientific at conventions to attend in order to to SamDTI visit commanding foreign in the hand the horse qualified specialist , professor, student and researchers the number increased is
going SamDTI whole the world education and science centers , universities , public organizations with contact to compose ready and institute doors everyone foreign in the hand applicant , student , seeker and teachers for open _

  Cooperation Geography : Department near and long more than 20 in foreign countries higher study _ countries and scientific research centers with contact and cooperation conversations available :

• Europe countries colleagues

• Tajikistan Republic named after Abu Ali Ibn Sina medicine university

• Turkey republic Turk faculty BuxMI under

• Saint Petersburg , Russian Federation state medicine university