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Research work of the department

  Scientific researches are conducted in the department along with teaching and teaching methods . Today, the scientific competence of the department is 50 percent.

  The directions of scientific research in the department are dedicated to the current scientific problems of children's surgery and are aimed at improving the tactics of early diagnosis and treatment of congenital defects and acquired surgical diseases.

  Number 1 children surgery of the department scientific directions

  • In childrenhemangiomastreatmentmethods .
  • Bigageimprovement of methods of treatment of acute purulent inflammation of bones in children
  • Treatment of chronic hematogenous osteomyelitis.
  • New methods of diagnosis and treatment of echinococcosis in children
  • Early diagnosis and surgical treatment of complications in the abdominal cavity in the treatment of peritonitis in children
  • anorectal tumors in children .
  • Methods of treatment of cyst of the reproductive system in children.
  • Methods of diagnosis and treatment of foreign bodies of respiratory diseases
  • Improvement of surgical treatment of acute hematogenous epiphyseal osteomyelitis in children
  • Prevention and treatment of scars in the abdominal cavity after operations in children .
  • evaluation of different treatment methods for varicocele in children
  • Improving the results of surgical treatment of hypospadias in children
  • Diagnosis and surgical treatment of spinal hernia in children
  • of urological diseases in children .

  Today, scientific research in the department is carried out in the multidisciplinary research laboratory located at the base of the 2nd clinic of SamMI . This laboratory has clinical, biochemical, bacteriological, immunological, morphological and experimental departments .

  list and term of dissertations planned to be defended by independent scientific researchers at the department.



Dissertation topic

Scientific leader

Planned protection time


Boyzhigitov N.I.

Optimizing diagnostics and diagnosis of acute epiphyseal osteomyelitis and detey.

prof. Atakulov D.O.



Rakhmatov B. N.

“Ways to improve the surgical treatment of obstructive ureterohydronephrosis in children

prof. Atakulov D.O.



Mutallibov A.

Improvement of surgical treatment of pectus excavatum in children.

Prof. Shamsiev A.M. ,



Pulotov P. A.

"Optimization of surgical treatment of children with urolithiasis depending on clinical and genetic features"

MD Yusupov Sh.A.

MD Zufarov A.A.



Rakhimov A. K

Long-term results of esophageal burns in children

Prof. Shamsiev A.M. ,



Sagiraev N.Zh

Surgical treatment of burns of the esophagus in children

Prof. Shamsiev A.M. _



Usanov A.

Bolalardaghi surunkali osteomilitary surgeon davolashning uzok muddatli natijalari

MD Yusupov Sh.A.


  One textbook, two Study Guides, eight Monographs (including one published by GEOTAR Media Publishing House in Rossii) during the reporting period. Two Instructional manuals/methodological development, 2 Methodological instructions have

  At the same time , a patent for one invention and a certificate for 14 EXM-programs were obtained .

12 webinars dedicated to the current problems of children's surgery were held by the staff of the department during the reporting period with the leading medical universities and research institutes of the MDX countries.

  About 155 articles on the preliminary results of scientific research were published by professors working in the department. Of these, 13 articles were published in journals indexed in the Scopus database, 107 in foreign journals, and 35 in republican journals.

  Theses were published in the collections of 44 foreign and 38 republic scientific practical conferences .

  A number of department employees They participate in foreign and national conferences and receive certificates and diplomas .