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Educational and methodical work of the department

  In the department of 5-6 course pediatric,5 – course of the medical – pedagogical, treatment work, the faculty of the students of "children's surgery" science program on the basis of taxsil will take.

  In the department of the master's degree and clinical internship direction on highly qualified specialists of preparation path, put it.

  To read every one of the course and the faculty for the following approved documents on taken is:

– Qualifying characteristic;
– State standard;
– Training program;
– Educational worker program;
– Ta'lim to technology with the following included:
– Ru, DK №80 the order of the according changes;
– approved diagnostic standards;
– international recommendations;
– modern education technologies (graphics organayzer ofthe situation, technology and project method).

  Teaching in the process of following technical supply is available:

  Telecommunication system established has been if, to the subject related to the video, presentations, multimedia programs, lectures and practical sessions of the central computer connected tvs using demonstrated are. Educational asturias mainly structured unifitsirlangan to read for designed and educational program for all to be on coming scanned image of a single bank is there.

  Department library:

• Kutubxonada English, o’time and rustillaridagi 80 than more educational literature available.
• E - library books, atlas, educational aids, teaching aids , and others of their own into gets.

  Caferunder muslims in general practice doctors daily work in need who would modern citizens pedagogical technologies, various different vaziyatli the backyard, the question answers, vaziyatli issues loose and diagnosis of burn, treatment tactics, work out, family clinics shiroitida dispanserizatsiya and rehabilitation shares methods in tugri education is given.