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Research work of the department

    Scientific direction of the department: Development of theoretical foundations of carcinogenesis, patterns of development of the tumor process, causes of occurrence, aspects of the prevalence and impact of etiological factors, clinical manifestations and features of the course of oncological diseases to improve the screening program, methods of diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, prevention and metaphylaxis of malignant neoplasms.

    Over the past 3 years, employees of the department have published 75 scientific works, of which 60 articles, mostly in Higher Attestation Commission-referred journals. In 2019, employees of the department defended one doctoral dissertation: Rakhimov Nodir Makhammadievich “Development of new approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of renal cell disease cancer with metastases in regional lymph nodes
    In 2021, an independent candidate of the Department of Oncology, Oripova Mekhriniso Rakhmonovna, defended her PhD doctoral dissertation on the topic “Bachadon sarcomalarin erta tashkhislashni mukamallashtirishda cytogeneticist va immunohistochemist tagilil methodlarining ahamiyati”

    In 2022, 3 employees of the department defended their Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) dissertations in medical sciences:

    Shakhanova Shakhnoza Shavkatovna - “Improving the tactics of combined treatment of multiple osteogenic metastases of malignant tumors of the genitourinary tract. Scientific supervisor Assoc. Rakhimov N.M.

    Ortikova Hilola Ubaydullaevna - “Modern approaches to diagnosing recurrent cervical cancer.” Scientific supervisor prof. Juraev M.D.

    Juraev Farrukh Mirzhalolovich-“Drug and combination treatment of patients with gastric cancer metastases to the liver.” Scientific supervisor, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Tryakin A.A.



Published books, monographs and textbooks


Dzhuraev M.D., Karimova M.N., Ulmasov F.G.

Oncology (in Russian)


Dzhuraev M.D., Atakhanova N.E., Karimova M.N.

Oncology (in Latin)


Khasanov Sh.R., Shakhanova Sh.Sh., Asatulaev A.F.

Prognosis for various clinical types of skin melanoma (monograph)


Fazliev M.Sh., Rakhimov N.M., Shakhanova Sh.Sh., Asatulaev A.F.

Hamshiralik ishida oncologist bemorlarni parvarishlash (textbook)